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Discontinuities: Rethinking Latin American Racial Technologies through the 21st Century

Discontinuities: Rethinking Latin American Racial Technologies through the 21st Century

This working group takes as its starting point the dilemma of contemporary racialization in the Americas as a complex series of practices defined by both regional and national histories of coloniality, and by more recent tendencies tied to patterns of democratization and international human rights movements. A major sticking point for Latin American postcolonial theory has been the fact that national independence and its related aesthetic and political projects--ie hybridity and mestizaje among others--were founded upon and in many cases continue to operate through material and symbolic violence against indigenous peoples and the descendants of African slaves. With the term "racial technologies" we refer to a common understanding of the malleability of race as category, as well as race/racialization as a tool and a practice through which bodies, histories and identities are experienced and known—-we focus on notions of technique and practice in order to explore modalities of cause and effect, exploitation and resistance, through which race reveals both its tenacity and its discontinuities. This group will meet once every three weeks to discuss readings and workshop our writing.

Susan Antebi, FAS Spanish & Portuguese
Valentina Napolitano, FAS Anthropology
Luisa Schwartzman, UTM Sociology

Faculty at the University of Toronto
Victor Rivas, FAS Latin American Studies program
Tamara Walker, FAS History

Faculty outside the University of Toronto
Gillian McGillivray, History, York University

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto

Roxana Escobar Ñañez, Geography & Planning
Fernando Calderón Figueroa, Sociology
Alejandra Gonzalez Jimenez, Anthropology
Tania Ruiz-Chapman, OISE Social Justice Education
Soledad Zabalza, Spanish & Portuguese



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