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Building Environmental Humanities at the University of Toronto

Building Environmental Humanities at the University of Toronto

Our goal is to establish a permanent home for environmental humanities at the University of Toronto.  This working group will foster this goal by building a network of scholars who will create a strategic plan to launch this much-needed institutional hub.   
Throughout the year, group meetings will develop the networks which are so essential to the success of this project – and a task we’ve already begun by establishing a listerv.  We plan to take advantage of as many existing resources as possible.  One session, for instance, will consist of lightening round introductions to group members’ scholarship.  Other meetings will research the practical work of institutionalization by consulting with other University of Toronto projects which have successfully moved from incubation to independence, including Sexual Diversity Studies and the Digital Humanities Network.  This local expertise will be invaluable in developing both a concrete development plan as well as an intellectual roadmap for the project.  Our capstone event for the year will host a co-founder of the highly successful Princeton Environmental Humanities Project.  This session will steer us towards establishing a creative, productive and sustainable environmental humanities hub at the University of Toronto.

Judith Brunton, Ph.D. student, Study of Religion
Andrea Most, FAS English
Alexandra Rahr, FAS Centre for the Study of the United States
Faculty, University of Toronto
Alan Ackerman, FAS English
Mark Cheetham, FAS Art
Ken Derry, UTM Historical Studies
Kajri Jain, UTM Visual Studies
Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Michaela Rife, Art
Caroline Holland, English
Graduates Students, other universities
Samane Hemmat, Law, York University
Zoe Heyn-Jones, Visual Arts, York University
Colin Sutherland, Geography, York University

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