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Call for Applications, Faculty Research Fellowships 12-13


Jackman Humanities Institute Research Leaves and Fellowships for 2012-2013
We are pleased to announce the call for applications for faculty research leaves for 2012-2013 and wish to encourage all eligible faculty to apply. Each year the Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) offers up to six fellowships and research leaves for University of Toronto tenured and tenure-stream faculty.

These are a remarkable opportunity either to pursue independent research (6-months) or to lead a dynamic circle of top scholars and events in the humanities while conducting your own research at the Jackman Humanities Insitute (12-months). The 12-month fellows are the core of the JHI and have not only been highly productive during their fellowship year but have greatly enjoyed the interaction with the intergenerational circle of fellows.

The theme for the circle fellows  (including the 12 month fellows) and several other programs in 2012-13 is Food.

Food is a basic human need. It shapes desires and yields many kinds of enjoyment. The humanities explore food from diverse perspectives seeing it both as an object produced and consumed and also as the means and symbol of our human relations. The diversity of what we eat (and don’t eat) and of how food is produced and shared shapes cultures, communities, nations, and empires. Refracted through literature, religion, and art, food is a central lens for exploring human history and the patterns of our interaction. Hunger, as an index of poverty and of environmental disaster, provides a reversed lens with which we can explore justice and ethics. How humans get what they eat, from near and far, is basic to ways of inhabiting places on the earth and relating to other species. From hunter-gatherers to communal gardens, feudal farming to agribusiness, food and the systems that provide it are matched by a diversity of the tables at which we eat--food for celebration, sustenance, display, competition, joy and sorrow.

Applications are reviewed by a panel of humanities leaders and references are solicited. Applications are due 12 September 2011, and decisions will be announced by 15 November.

Click here to apply (see the bottom of the page).  This page includes information about criteria and processes for applying.  For further information, contact Professor Robert Gibbs, Director.

Comments from Previous Fellows

“I loved my office.  The community was ideal. The weekly lunch meetings were consistently profitable.”   – Neil ten Kortenaar, UTSC English and Centre for Comparative Literature

“My year as a Faculty Research Fellow has been extremely productive.  It has given me the time and space to make headway on a new project, and at the same time, to maintain momentum on some ongoing projects.”    – Paul Franks, Philosophy

“This year at the Jackman Humanities Institute offered stimulation and inspiration in many forms.    – Michelle Murphy, History / Women and Gender Studies

“My year at the Jackman Humanities Institute was decisive; it will affect every aspect of my research for the rest of my life.  The year was also wonderful in terms of the people, facilities, and intellectual exchange.     – Brian Cantwell Smith, Information

“My teaching in coming years will bear the powerful impression of my time at the Institute. I know that the relationships I developed, and the new intellectual directions I pursued will allow me to return to my regular work with renewed energy and a fresh sense of purpose and clarity.”   – Pamela Klassen, Religion

Download Call for Applications [pdf]

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