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Announcement, Scholars-in-Residence 2018

Scholars-in-Residence Research Project Teams for 2018

At UT Mississauga

Editing Margaret Cavendish (supervisor: Prof. Liza Blake)

  • Emma Duffee (English and Classics, New College)
  • Nicholas Marcelli (English, UTSC)
  • Tess Rahaman (English & Drama and Sociology, UTM)
  • Elena Senechal (Women & Gender Studies and Book & Media Studies, Victoria College)
  • Kristen Zimmer (English, University College)

From Script to Stage: Research and Writing in Theatre Production (supervisor: Prof. Teresa Lobalsamo)

  • Larysa Bablak (French and Italian, UTM)
  • Laura Colacci (Italian and Art History, UTM)
  • Paul Hasick (English, University College)
  • Adam Sarouji (Anthropology and Linguistics, UTM)
  • Nicole Sciulli (Professional Writing, Italian, Latin, and Caribbean Studies, UTM)

Conflict in the Process of Normalizing Prison (supervisor: Prof. Ashley Rubin)

  • Joyce Ho (Economics and Sociology, Trinity College)
  • Shadi Laghai (Philosophy and Psychology, UTSC)
  • Andrew Plummer (Political Science, UTM)
  • Seema Shafei (Criminology, University College)
  • Jonowin Terrance (Neuroscience and Psychology, New College)

Artificial Intelligence and Theatre: Creativity, Collaboration, Imitation (supervisor: Prof. Larry Switzky)

  • Dariya Darvin (Math, Computer Science and Biology, UTM)
  • James Hyett (Linguistics and Drama, University College)
  • Jacob Kay (Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies and Political Science, Trinity College)
  • Alexia Vassos (Theatre and Drama Studies, UTM)
  • Stefan Vladusic (Physics and Philosophy, Victoria College)

Urban Construction as a Social Transformation Process in Ancient China (supervisor: Prof. Liye Xie)

  • Zahid Daudjee (East Asian Studies and Linguistics, Victoria College)
  • Deepika Elango (Neuroscience and Psychology, UTSC)
  • Chun Fu Liu (East Asian Studies and Environmental Geography, Innis College)
  • Casey Lun (Anthropology, UTM)
  • Judy Perpose (Public Policy and Global Asia Studies, UTSC)

At UT St. George

Analogy as Armature in Global Art & Art History (supervisor: Prof. Mark A. Cheetham)

  • Evelyn Austin (Statistics, English and Visual Studies, Victoria College)
  • Emily Fu (Art History, University College)
  • Lachina McKenzie (Psychology and Bioethics, Innis College)
  • Hana Nikcevic (Art History, Victoria College)
  • Theresa Wang (Art History, Cinema Studies, and French, Victoria College)

Toronto’s Caravan: Civic Belonging and Spectacle in a Bygone Age of Multiculturalism (supervisor: Prof. Elizabeth Harney)

  • David Andrew Howarth (Art History, St. Michael's College)
  • Maia Kachan (English and Equity Studies, Victoria College)
  • Jane Law (Human Geography and Urban Studies, Victoria College)
  • Jandell-Jamela Nicholas (Social Sciences/Humanities, New College)
  • Dhvani Ramanujam (International Relations and Ethics, Trinity College)

Big Data Analysis, the Long-Term Trajectory of Human Settlement, and Archaeological Patterns in Greek Prehistory (supervisor: Prof. Sarah Murray)

  • Julian Cheng (Statistics, University College)
  • Irum Chorgay (Classics, University College)
  • Caylee Dzurka (Archaeology and English, Victoria College)
  • Jennifer MacPherson (Classics, Victoria College)
  • Christopher Sims (Economics, Philosophy, and Math, Trinity College)

The Social Life of News Stories: Tracing the Digital Dissemination of Israeli English Online News (supervisor: Prof. Alejandro I. Paz)

  • Yazmeen Kanji (Equity Studies, Innis College)
  • Wardah Malik (International Relations, Political Science, and History, New College)
  • Kate Reeve (Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations and Jewish Studies, Trinity College)
  • Armaan Sahgal (Political Science and International Development, UTSC)
  • Muhammad Ameer ul Azeem Sarwar (Philosophy and Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies, University College)

How Do We Perceive and Talk Our Parents’ Home Language? The Case of Heritage Speakers of Azorean Portuguese (supervisor: Prof. Anabela Rato)

  • Rachel Courts (Political Science and French, Victoria College)
  • Ewan Lee (Linguistics and German, Victoria College)
  • Leah Meranda Duarte (English, Trinity College)
  • Eduardo Montero (History and French, Trinity College)
  • Mark Smith (Linguistics, Trinity College)

Canada Declassified: Unlocking the Nuclear Vault (supervisor: Prof. Timothy Andrews Sayle)

  • Elisabetta Kerr (History, St. Michael's College)
  • Daria Mancino (Peace, Conflict & Justice and Urban Studies, Innis College)
  • Alexandra Southgate (History, Political Science, Women & Gender Studies, Victoria College)
  • Darcy Taylor (International Relations, Trinity College)
  • Andrew Zhao (Political Science, Philosophy, and Asian-Canadian Studies, Innis College)

Privacy Stories! (supervisor: Prof. Leslie Regan Shade)

  • Jayun Bae (Philosophy and Neuroscience, Victoria College)
  • David Baldridge (Economics and Political Science, Trinity College)
  • Luca Bellisario (English, Victoria College)
  • Sarah Ingle (International Relations, Trinity College)
  • Mariya-Kvitlana Tsap (International Relations and Public Policy & Governance, Trinity College)

The Birth of Modern Obscenity Law (supervisor: Prof. Simon Stern)

  • Levi Cassidy (Russian, Woodsworth College)
  • Hannah Lank (English, Classics and Physiology, Trinity College)
  • Kevin Liu (Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences, Trinity College)
  • Zach Rosen (History and Philosophy, Trinity College)
  • Hella Wiedmer-Newman (Art History and Human Geography, Woodsworth College)

Activating Objects (supervisor: Prof. Erin L. Webster)

  • Kali Banner (Arts Management, UTSC)
  • Damian Boltauzer (Anthropology and Study of Religion, Woodsworth College)
  • Ursula Carmichael (History and Material Culture, Trinity College)
  • Rebekka Degtyareva (Arts Management, UTSC)
  • Ariana Rowley (Art History, UTSC)

Discovering the Dictionary: Paul the Deacon’s ‘De Significatione Verborum’ in 15th-c. Italy (supervisor: Prof. Jarrett Welsh)

  • Konrad Boeschenstein (Renaissance Studies, Victoria College)
  • Landon Bryson (Linguistics and French, Victoria College)
  • Dana Lew (English and French, Victoria College)
  • Madeleine Sheahan (Renaissance Studies, Trinity College)
  • Leah Stephens (Classics and Latin, Victoria College)


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