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Sovereignty and the State in South Asia, Past and Present: Mediating Divine and Secular Power

Sovereignty and the State in South Asia, Past & Present: Mediating Divine & Secular Power

Sovereignty and the State in South Asia is a Working Group emerging from the South Asian Religions Reading Group (SARG) convened by faculty and graduate students in the Department for the Study of Religion over the past decade. The SARG originally focused on Indology, and later broadened its focus to engage more broadly with South Asian religions scholarship.This year's working group will engage faculty and graduate students in the South Asian Humanities at UTM, UTSC and UTSG. We seek to begin an extended conversation that explores the relationship between the state, power, and religion that engages colleagues in Humanities disciplines across the tri-campus system.
    In our eight sessions, we intend to interrogate the histories, memories, material cultures, and power dynamics of different expressions of governance such as kingship, democracy, and postcolonial religious republics in South Asia. The group will provide opportunities for members to present work-in-progress, and we will do close readings of texts. Key questions include: How do colonial and nationalist reconstructions of the past rewrite dynastic histories in South Asia? How do contemporary political discourses in South Asia engage traditional categories of state, power, polity, and ethics?

Karen Ruffle, UTM Historical Studies
Nika Kuchuk, Ph.D. student, Study of Religion   

Faculty, University of Toronto
Malaviki Kasturi, UTM Historical Studies
Luther Obrock, UTM Historical Studies
Kristin Plys, UTM Sociology
Ajay Rao, UTM Historical Studies
Bart Scott, UTM Historical Studies
Jayeeta Sharma, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies   

Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Sanchia DeSouza, History
Usman Hamid, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Nabeel Jafri, Study of Religion
Fizza Joffrey, Study of Religion
Faisal Kamal, Political Science
Adeel Mawani, Study of Religion
Jonathan Peterson, Study of Religion
Krissy Rogahn, Study of Religion

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