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Spectatorship and Audience

Spectatorship and Audience

This working group invites participants to consider what it is to be a spectator in 2017, in all the different spaces where spectatorship occurs, including art, politics, architecture, education, new media, and religion. By working across disciplines, how might we learn from and cross-fertilize among methods used to study spectatorship? “Spectatorship & Audience” will engage in an interdisciplinary investigation of witnessing and participating in culture. Once per month, one of our members will create a reading list and lead a discussion about their research. These meetings will occur at UofT Scarborough, University College and OISE. We will work towards publishing an essay collection about contemporary issues in spectatorship research, as well as preparing for the second year of our seminar program at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research’s annual conference.
Barry Freeman, UTSC Arts, Culture, Media

Faculty, University of Toronto
Kathleen Gallagher, OISE Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Tara Goldstein, OISE Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Stephen Johnson, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Cecilia Morgan, OISE Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Tamara Trojanowska, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Anne Wessels, Lecturer, OISE   

Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Art Babayants, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Heba Elshrif, OISE Language & Literacy
Kelsey Jacobson, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Scott Mealey, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Rebecca Noone, Information
Jenny Salisbury, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Cassandra Silver, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Richard Windeyer, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Faculty Member outside University of Toronto
Laura Thrasher, Sociology, Ryerson University

Graduate Students outside University of Toronto
Signy Lynch, Theatre & Performance, York University
Melanie Wilmink, Art History, York University

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