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Graduate and Undergraduate Fellows at JHI in 2017-2018

The Jackman Humanities Institute is very pleased to announce our rosters of Graduate and Undergraduate Fellows for the 2017-2018 academic year.

These fellows will be working on projects relevant to the annual theme, Indelible Violence: Shame, Reconciliation, and the Work of Apology

Doctoral Fellows at the Jackman Humanities Institute, 2017-2018

Chancellor Henry N.R. Jackman Graduate Fellows in the Humanities

Irina Sadovina, Centre for Comparative Literature
The Nonsovereign Subject and Sexual Violence in Contemporary North American and Russian Culture
Irina’s dissertation is a comparative analysis of representations of sexual violence that investigates three possible ethical modes of interpretation: the reparative, the radical, and the prosaic. She argues that the prosaic mode offers an approach to living with sexual violence that evades conservative agendas and neoliberal identity politics, acknowledging that we exist in a world of contingency, and gesturing toward a praxis of nonsovereign subjectivity.

Akshaya Tankha, Department of Art History
The Aesthetics of Indigenous Difference in the Absence of Reconciliation in late-liberal South Asia
Akshaya’s dissertation explores museological, photographic, new media, and material culture practices in the indigenously-inhabited and largely Christian state of Nagaland in northeast India. A legacy of marginalization developed into the commodification of aesthetic practices in the image of “tribal culture”; and yet, ironically, these practices also disrupt hegemonic discourse by staging forms of being and belonging that undermine, rather than reproducing, identity politics. In conversation with studies of reconciliation in South Africa and Canada, Akshaya’s work highlights artistic responses to marginalization rather than reconciliation within existing formations.

Letha Victor, Anthropology
Dirty Things: Violence, Spirit Forces, and Social Change in Acholi, Northern Uganda
Letha’s dissertation is a socio-cultural ethnography of spiritual pollution, ethical change, and ritual authority in the aftermath of the recent war (1986-2006) between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Government of Uganda, set in the Acholi sub-region of northern Uganda. She examines the collective experience of phantasmic apparitions and other events commonly understood as cosmological disruptions, and the semiotic disagreements they provoke. Letha follows a phenomenological approach in her examination of this legacy of violence.

Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellow in the Humanities

Maya Chacaby, Social Justice Education, OISE
Fallout 150: The Post-Apocalypse Anishnaabe Survivance Handbook
Maya’s dissertation is a creative construction of a theory of Anishnaabe survivance that uses humour and the metaphor of gaming in a post-apocalyptic world to imagine a journey out of victimization and toward rapprochement.

Download announcement, JHI Graduate Fellowships in 2017-2018 [pdf]


Jackman Humanities Institute Undergraduate Fellows, 2017-2018

Lila Asher, FAS Equity Studies
Dr. Jan Blumenstein Undergraduate Award in the Humanities
Project:  Narratives of the Land, Food Activism in Ontario, and Decolonialization
Supervisor: Courtney Jung

Amanda Cutinha, FAS History
Dr. Michael Lutsky Undergraduate Award in the Humanities
Project: Immigration Detention in Canada: Working Through Migration and Human Rights
Supervisor: Emily Gilbert

Lorina Hoxha, FAS Philosophy
James Fleck Undergraduate Award in the Humanities
Project: Indelible Violence: From Auchwitz to San Quentin to CIA Black Sites
Supervisor: Emily Gilbert

Saambavi Mano, FAS English and History
Jukka-Pekka Saraste Undergraduate Award in the Humanities
Project: Lessons Learnt: Performances and Practices of Apology in the proposed Sri Lankan Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Supervisor: Courtney Jung

Eleanor Morum, FAS Classics
Milton Harris Undergraduate Award in the Jackman Humanities Institute
Project: Pax Augusta: Apology via Propaganda?
Supervisor: Mark Meyerson

Alif Shahed, FAS English and History
Zoltan Simo Undergraduate Award in the Humanities
Project: Emergency and the Rule of Law: Political Subjects Under Pakistani Occupation, 1947-1971
Supervisor: Lisa Yoneyama



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