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Announcement, JHI Program for the Arts in 2017-2018

The Jackman Humanities Institute is pleased to announce that the following event proposals have been funded for the 2017-2018 year:

JHI Program for the Arts, 2017-2018

Transparencies of Violence: Mexican Cultural Production through the 21st Century
Conference with Invited Speaker Francisco Goldman (author), 29-30 Sept. 2017
Susan Antebi, FAS Spanish & Portuguese and Latin American Studies

The Distance(s) Between Us
Event Series with exhibition, 5 September – 28 October 2017
Barbara Fischer, Art Museum/Faculty of Architecture

Music Amidst Violence and the Challenge of Re-Hearing the Past: (Re)Performance as Reconciliation
Conference with Invited Speaker Michael Beckerman, NYU
Sherry Lee, Faculty of Music; Caryl Clark, Faculty of Music; Steven Vande Moortele, Faculty of Music

Exhibition 22 June—22 July and 5 September—21 October 2017
Ann MacDonald, UTSC Arts, Culture & Media/Doris McCarthy Gallery

Beyond Remediation: Violence and Recuperation in the Environmental Humanities
Conference with Invited Speakers Warren Cariou (artist) and Stephanie Lemanager, U. Oregon, Date TBD
Alexandra Rahr, FAS Centre for Study of United States

“I Disown You Right Back” and Other Queer Acts: Speculative Decolonial Digital Designs for Shame, Reparation, and Refusing Apology
Workshop, Date TBD
Jasmine Rault, UTM Institute for Communication, Culture, Information & Technology; T.L. Cowan, UTSC Arts, Culture & Media

This Meeting Place: for All our Relations
Douglas Sanderson, Faculty of Law
Workshop, Date TBD

Turbulence (a part of Take Care)
Christine Shaw, UTM Visual Studies and Blackwood Gallery
Performance, 24-26 November 2017

Indelible Refusal: Bodies, Performances, and Walking Resistance
Stephanie Springgay, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, OISE; V.K. Preston, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Event Series, Date TBD

State Violence and Indigenous Refusal
Eve Tuck, Social Justice Education, OISE
Film Festival, one week during winter term 2018

#callresponse (Artist in Residence)
Christine Shaw, UTM Visual Studies and Blackwood Gallery
Exhibition 8-27 January 2018 including visits by five artists and curator

Download a copy of this announcement [pdf]

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