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Announcement, JHI Program for the Arts, 2018-2019

JHI Program for the Arts, 2018-2019, on READING FACES – READING MINDS

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
Artist project broadsheet series (part of The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea); July 2018—April 2019
Christine Shaw, Blackwood Gallery / UTM Visual Studies

Robert Fones: Signs, Narratives, Forms
Exhibition, Summer 2018
Barbara Fischer, Art Museum / Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design

Narrative Performances
Performance and panel discussion, 13-14 August 2018
Dorothea Kullmann, FAS French and Medieval Studies

Reading Frankenstein: Then, Now, Next. A Celebreation of the 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818-2018)
Symposium/Exhibit/Public Reading 26 October 2018
Paolo Granata, SMC Book & Media Studies program
Alan Bewell, FAS English
Randy Boyagoda, Principal, SMC
Markus Dubber, Director, Centre for Ethics
Yiftach Fehige, FAS, IHPST
Charlie Keil, Principal, Innis College
Jean-Olivier Richard, SMC Christianity & Culture program
Simon Rogers, John M. Kelly Library at SMC
Terry Robinson, UTM English & Drama
Avery Slater, UTM English & Drama
Daniel White, UTM English & Drama

Women in Song: A Week with the Open Program
Residency,  3-10 November 2018
Myrto Koumarianis, Ph.D. cand., Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Cassandra Silver, Ph.D. cand., Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Tamara Trojanowska, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

HOSOKAWA Opera Double Bill: The Raven and The Maiden from the Sea
Performance and panel discussion, 17 January 2019
Wallace Halladay, Faculty of Music

Voices in the “Ayre”: Early Modern Songscapes and the Music of Henry Lawes
Public Recital and Recordings, 9 February 2019
Katherine Larson, UTSC English

Out at School
Performance, 21-29 June 2019
Tara Goldstein, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, OISE
Jenny Salisbury, Ph.D. cand., Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

Annual Theme for 2018-2019: Reading Faces – Reading Minds 
What does it mean to read—a face, a text, an object, another mind? Human beings use a variety of intuitive and deliberate techniques in an effort to gauge what others feel, want, mean, and know, a sort of ‘mindreading.’ But are the faces we see and voices we hear always representational? While face-to-face encounters have exceptional social significance, the ways in which people encounter each other on stage, in print, and on screens are not transparent. What access to other minds do the humanities afford, and how do the humanities connect to developments in cognitive science and neuroscience? How do notions about reading minds transform what we think we do in reading texts? What is it to recognize the face and to know the mind of another?


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