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Announcement, JHI Program for the Arts, 2016-2017

The Jackman Humanities Institute is pleased to present the JHI Program for the Arts for 2016-2017 on the annual theme of Time, Rhythm and Pace.

2016-2017: Time, Rhythm, and Pace
The modern experience of time is often characterized by its “increasing speed,” its linearity, and its emphasis on “now.” But time does not have to be regarded as the flight of an arrow, a race track, or a forking path. If we consider the body, the planet, or the longue durée of history, it becomes clear that rhythm, cycle, pace  and temporality pervade the human condition, now as they have always done.  Occurring at multiple scales (neuronal firing, diurnal habits, menses, calendars, life cycles, the rise and fall of civilizations), rhythm is concrete, existential, and profound. How do rhythm and cycle, rather than velocity, characterize human life? What are the politics of chronology? How can a deeper understanding of time, rhythm, and pace -- from literary theorists, historians, phenomenologists, political scientists, and diverse other sectors of the academy -- provide us with guidance in an increasingly frantic and fast-paced world?

Site of Memory: Religion, Multiculturalism & the Demands of the Past
Pamela Klassen, FAS Study of Religion
Judy Han, UTSC Human Geography
Barton Scott, UTM Historical Studies
(Visiting Speaker/Workshop) – 15-17 Sept. 2016

Schematic Bodies
Christine Shaw, UTM Blackwood Gallery/Visual Studies
(Artist in Residence Julien Prévieux) – Sept. 2016 and Jan. 2017

Indigenous Futurities

Michelle Murphy, FAS History/WGSI
Karyn Recollet, FAS WGSI
(Workshop) 24-25 Oct. 2016

John Wallis at 400: Science, Mathematics & Religion in 17th-c. England
Yiftach Fehige, FAS IHPST
(Conference) – Nov. 2016

Reich, Rhythm and Repetition: Patterns in Music, Speech and Science
Russell Hartenberger, Faculty of Music
(Symposium/Performance) – 30 Nov.-2 Dec. 2016

Law’s New Home: Reflections on Time with its Neighbours
Karen Knop, Faculty of Law
(Workshop/performance)  -- Fall 2016

Kanata by Treaty: Treaties, Confederation, Indigenous Languages
Heidi Bohaker, FAS History
(Mobile Public History Exhibit) – Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

Shame and Prejudice, A Story of Canada
Barbara Fischer, Art Museum/Faculty of Architecture
(Exhibition by Kent Monkman) – Jan.-March 2017

The Rhythm of Thought

Xing Fan, FAS Drama Theatre & Performance Studies
Sebastian Samur, PhD student, FAS Drama Theatre & Performance Studies
Tamara Trojanowska, FAS Slavic Languages & Literature
(Event series) – Jan., Feb., and March 2017

Time, Calendrics & Cyclicality in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
Katja Goebs, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
(Visiting Speakers) – Spring 2017

Of Roots and Creativity
Sylvia Forni, ROM/FAS Anthropology
(Visiting Speaker,TBA) – DATE TBA

Salvatore Sciarrino: Luci miei traditrici (The Killing Flower)
Wallace Halladay, Faculty of Music
(Performance of opera) – DATE TBA

Rhythms of Social Change: Time, Rhythm, Pace in Performance

Farzaneh Hemmasi, Faculty of Music
(Symposium/Performance) – DATE TBA

Filming Age: “Piano Lessons” (from Alice Munro)

Marlene Goldman, UTSC English
(Performance) – DATE TBA

CEFMF Distinguished Visiting Speaker, Kristin Ross
Paul Cohen, FAS History/CEFMF
(Visiting Speaker) – DATE TBA

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