JHI Faculty Research Fellowships in 2020-2021

Twelve-Month Fellowships on the Annual Theme of Collectives

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Caryl Clark, Faculty of Music
Music Collectives: Evolving Operatic Practices

Girish Daswani, UTSC Department of Anthropology
Activist and Artistic Responses to Corruption in Ghana
Cara Krmpotich, Faculty of Information
An Implicated Orchestra
Eve Tuck, OISE Department of Social Justice Education
Rematriation and the Land Relationships Super Collective Album

JHI Annual Theme, 2020 - 2021: Collectives

From political parties to literary coteries, from fan groups to sports teams, from terrorist organizations to online groups, our collectives, associations, and communities are multiform and complex. How do we band together and why? In teaming up, how does membership of a collective affect one’s own agency and standing – what do we lose, what do we gain? Can collectives truly be agents and how do group dynamics emerge? How do we balance the interests between collectives, of individuals and collectives, and of the individual within the collective?


Six-Month Fellowships

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Marlene Goldman, UTSC Department of English
Performing Shame: Simulating Stigmatized Minds and Bodies

Cheryl Misak, FAS Department of Philosophy
C.I. Lewis, Gilbert Ryle, and the Relationship between Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy

Ann Mullen, UTSC Department of Sociology
Appreciation: How Artists, Dealers and Collectors Bring Contemporary Art to Life
Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux, FAS Departments of Spanish & Portuguese and Linguistics
Using the Art of War to Eradicate Polio: Narratives of a Collective Action
Janet Poole, FAS Department of East Asian Studies
Decolonizing Style: Going North and the History of Korean Modernism

Anna Shternshis, FAS Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures
Last Yiddish Heroes: A Lost and Found Archive of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union



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