JHI-UTM Seminar for 2020-2021

Mediating Race, Reimagining Geopolitics

Host Unit:  Department of Visual Studies, University of Toronto Mississauga
Convenor:  Elizabeth Wijaya, Department of Visual Studies / Cinema Studies Institute

"Mediating Race, Reimagining Geopolitics" proposes a series of lectures and film screenings featuring scholars and creators of cinema and media in order to investigate how moving image media contribute to formations of race, racism, and racialization from global perspectives. In a time when racist politics and racial capitalism pose increasing physical and psychical dangers to communities across the world, it is critical to examine the histories, theories and role of cinema and media in shaping the geopolitical imagination of the relations between people and nation-states from micro and macro scales. With many countries across the world facing a resurgent threat of ethnonationalism and state-centered border imperialism, the seminar aims to bring together scholars and creators with diverse disciplinary training as well as expertise across historical and geographical contexts, in the hope of a much-needed sustained conversation into the ways in which the mediations, projections, and weaponization of race and racialization shape personal and political imaginations of identity and belonging, with far-ranging consequences on who is to be included or excluded in related determinations of citizenship, migration, and rights.
The Seminar will host a monthly event on this theme, virtually or in person, as necessitated by COVID-19 responses. Fall 2020 events will be organized as webinars and Winter 2021 events will be in-person lectures, film screening, and workshops, if possible, and continued webinars if necessary. All events will bring visiting scholars from across the world into the conversation.
"Mediating Race, Reimagining Geopolitics" aims to create a sustaining conversation among junior, senior scholars and film creators across disciplines, institutions and geographical locations.  To participate, please contact the Convenor.
The JHI-UTM Seminar is an annual collaborative partnership between the Jackman Humanities Institute and one of the units at the University of Toronto Mississauga which began in 2017-2018. We are grateful to the Office of the Vice-Principal Research at UTM for their continuing support of this program.

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