climate change

What We Don’t Know About The Oceans Can Kill Us

Wendy Schmidt brings an optimistic approach to addressing critical ocean issues and provides a framework for viewing the ocean as part of an interactive living system, crucial to life on land. Join us as Wendy Schmidt describes how her investment in innovative solutions and support for scientific and technological breakthroughs is creating momentum for ocean health leading to the restoration of this vital planetary resource. To understand the ocean is to know with certainty why we need to care about it, no matter where we live.

Climate Change and the Failure of Traditional Environmental Philosophy

The problem of anthropogenic climate change provides one of the few instances in which politicians and economists have actively solicited the advice of philosophers on how to proceed. Unfortunately, the responses they have received have been almost uniformly unhelpful. This paper attempts to explain why traditional environmental philosophy has had such difficulty formulating policy-relevant advice.

In 2018-2019, Professor Joseph Heath was granted a six-month Faculty Research Fellowship to travel for research on this subject. Join us to learn more!

The Politics of Climate Change: A Green New Deal for Canada?

Join us for a two-day event with scholars, activists, journalists and policy practitioners to discuss a Green New Deal for Canada. The panels will examine a variety of topics about climate change and the economy:

1) What are the current federal and provincial climate change policies?

2) What can Canada learn from climate policy in other countries?

3) What can labour, business, and activists do to help speed up decarbonization?

4) What key policies are needed?