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CIFAR Launches Call for AI & Society Workshops

CIFAR Launches Call for AI & Society Workshops
Time: May 28th, 12:01 am End: May 28th, 11:59 pm
Interest Categories: Science/Technology, Information, Faculty of, Digital Art/Humanities, 2000-


CIFAR Launches Call for AI & Society Workshops

Improved performance of AI systems – driven by research breakthroughs increased data availability, and improved computing power and new architectures – are leading to applications that outperform human beings in certain domains. Computer vision, natural language processing, and data-driven prediction are notable areas of rapidly increasing AI capability. The rapid increase in both the range of and accuracy of the tasks AI systems can perform has led to both excitement and concern.

Effects on labour markets and employment are popular areas of public concern and debate, but the potential societal effects of AI extend more broadly. Questions have been raised about fundamental and complex topics such as algorithmic biastransparencygovernance, and inclusion. AI has the potential to drive changes in policy and practice across many domains, from natural resources to healthcare to the arts. It also raises new questions for ethical and legal practices of all orders of government, business, and civil society.

To help advance discussions around these and other issues, CIFAR will build inclusive, international collaborations and engagements that bring together research perspectives from any discipline, including those in the social sciences, humanities, law, engineering, and the arts with policymakers and innovators.

We are soliciting proposals for international research workshops that explore the social, ethical, legal, and economic aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). Each proposal must include a plan for a publication targeted at non-academic audiences, such as policymakers and NGOs.

Supported through the Government of Canada’s $125 million investment in the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, these workshops will explore questions of global importance that can best be addressed through interdisciplinary, international teams.

Proposals related to any aspect of the intersection of AI and society are welcome; however, proposals exploring AI as it relates to the following themes are encouraged:

Policy Considerations: As the pace of development of AI technologies continues to accelerate, there is considerable debate as to the effects and potential responses across sectors and policy domains. CIFAR seeks workshops that examine a diverse range of policy considerations related to AI systems, such as urban planning, transportation, education, work, and law.

Global Dynamics of AI: AI technologies are increasingly being developed and deployed across borders and jurisdictions, despite significant regional differences. CIFAR seeks workshops that will explore questions about AI on a global scale, and as it relates to globalization, trade, development, international relations, culture, competition, inequality, and governance.

Discovery and Creation: While prediction and analysis are the primary functions of most AI systems, some AI technologies are creating new works of art, music, science, and journalism. CIFAR seeks workshops that will examine questions related to the nature of intelligence, creativity, authorship, art, bias, accountability, transparency, and scholarship.

Click here to begin your application.

Important Dates

  • Launch of Call – April 9, 2018
  • Application Due Date – May 28, 2018
  • Adjudication Completion – July 13, 2018
  • Workshop Planning Period – Through October 2018
  • Workshops take place – Through March 2019
  • CIFAR-facilitated publications – April 2019

For more information, please check the CIFAR WEBSITE

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