2020-2021 JHI-UTSC DH Faculty Fellowship

This is an 18-month fellowship that will run from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021


The JHI-UTSC Digital Humanities early career faculty fellow will lead a team involving undergraduate and graduate students and library staff. The team will produce the following outcomes:

  • participation in JHI’s Digital Humanities Network (DHN);
  • curricular innovation;
  • advancement on a scholarly project; and
  • a grant proposal (SSHRC, Early Researcher Award, or other).



All research faculty in the humanities and interpretive social sciences who hold their main budgetary appointment at UTSC. Applications are open to all tenure stream research faculty, but preference will be given to those 4-12 years post-Ph.D. (with accommodation for career interruptions).



You must have an active account in the JHI website to apply.  You will need to log in or create your account before you can reach the application form.  There may be up to a 24-hour delay in processing time between account creation and activation -- please create your account first.

Your compiled application document must include:

  1. academic cv
  2. the attached coversheet (below), including signature from the Chair or Director of your unit
  3. a prospective budget in excel format for up to $45,000 CAD
  4. a detailed description of the project over four to six single-spaced pages (12pt Times New Roman, 20mm margins), including:
  • an executive summary;
  • a description of the project concept, including a brief survey of relevant scholarship and account of the potential impact of the project on the applicant’s field;
  • a description of work already undertaken to explore digital methods for research;
  • an assessment of the project’s feasibility, including planning around collaboration, student training, fundraising, and the dissemination and long-term sustainability of project results;
  • budget justification for up to $45,000CAD, excluding library and space costs (which will be provided in kind by UTSC) but including all other salaries and expenses;
  • a description of the relevant aspects of the applicant’s track record, including significant publications and experience with collaborative graduate and undergraduate student research.

Please compile all documents into a single .pdf file and apply on the JHI website. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Apply Now! to reach the application form.

DEADLINE 1 May 2020 at midnight


Support for applicants (pre-selection)

UTSC and JHI will help to connect applicants with resources such as

1.    members of the JHI DH Network;
2.    researchers and technologists from UTSC Library;
3.    faculty involved with UTSC’s Computer Science undergraduate program.

Applicants are invited to contact and/or meet with JHI-DHN Director, Professor Elspeth Brown, to discuss the possible shape of their projects, the content of their applications, and resources available in the short term.

Two previous fellowship holders have graciously offered to discuss the fellowship with colleagues who are interested in applying:
    Andrea Charise
    Kenzie Burchell


Support for the JHI-UTSC DH Fellow (post-selection)

During Summer and Fall semesters of 2020, the JHI-UTSC DH early career faculty fellow will work in close consultation with librarians and technologists from UTSC Library to design their project and assemble their collaborative project team, including UTSC undergraduate students from their home and – where relevant – other departments.

From January to December 2021, the JHI-UTSC DH early career faculty fellow will work on concrete outcomes, including – where relevant:

  1. proof-of-concept technological demonstrations;
  2. new components of undergraduate courses and other student training initiatives;
  3. publications, especially papers and posters designed to gather feedback and embed the project in national and international research networks;
  4. grant proposal/s.


  • For technical assistance with the website, email JHI Associate Director Kim Yates or (416) 946-0313.
  • For advice on projects/applications, email DHN Director Elspeth Brown    



The Jackman Humanities Institute, with the support of UT-Scarborough, the UTSC Library, the Dean, UTSC and the Office of the Vice-Principal Research, will support a third 18-month Digital Scholarship project in 2020-2021.  It is possible that this support will continue, pending a review of the program, in order to fund two more projects in 2021-2023.


Sign-off form for Chair or Director of Applicant's Unit

If it is not possible to print this form, get it signed, scanned and uploaded, please ask your Chair or Director to send an email directly to the Jackman Humanities Institute at jhi.associate@utoronto.ca that confirms their endorsement of your application.

Sign-off form for Chair or Director of Applicant's Unit