2021-2022 Faculty Research Fellowships

Chancellor Jackman Faculty Research Fellowships, 2021-2022


Application Start Date: 24 June 2020, 12:00 am
DEADLINE 16 September 2020 at midnight


The Chancellor Jackman Faculty Research Fellowship (JHIRF) is a six-month or twelve-month award for tenured members of the research faculty at the University of Toronto.

Up to ten faculty research fellows will be selected. There are two kinds of Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowships:

  • A 12-month fellowship, which will be held in residence at the JHI (up to four);
  • A 6-month research leave (up to six). The 6-month research leaves continue the Jackman Research Fellowships in the Humanities program that existed before 2008.


Twelve Month Fellowships

Up to four twelve-month fellows will be chosen to lead a Circle of up to 22 fellows in total from across the humanities and social science disciplines and at multiple levels: visitors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students in their final year of writing, and undergraduates in their final year. The 12-month Faculty fellows are expected to be in Toronto during their fellowships, and they will focus the work of the Circle of Fellows on the Annual Theme.  For 2021-2022, this theme will be Pleasure.

Annual Theme for 2021-2022:  Pleasure

Whether understood as light amusement or passionate pursuit, as pure enjoyment, sensual gratification, bliss or hedonism, pleasure may be the most agreeable motivator.
Yet pleasure has been described as “curious and appalling,” one of modern civilization’s most deadly poisons.
Through its diverse manifestations – as intellectual satisfaction and the pleasures of knowledge, across studies of media audiences, addiction, virtual sex – when, and how, has pleasure become divorced from ideology, politics, and power?
Uneasiness concerning pleasure resonates readily with humanists’ tendencies to formulate our subjects of study as constellations of problems, but is there space in our discourses for unironic joy?


Six Month Fellowships

Up to six six-month fellows will be chosen to pursue research projects on any topic. They are not expected to remain in Toronto during their fellowship year. Relevance to the annual theme is not a selection factor.


When you Apply

Applicants must choose one of these two programs when they apply. Applications must be submitted online on the website of the Jackman Humanities Institute. All files must be uploaded in .pdf format. When you are ready to apply, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Apply Now! Please be aware that it is not possible to edit your application after you have saved it: prepare your materials beforehand and be ready to complete the application in one sitting.

Selection Process

The Chancellor Jackman Faculty Research Fellowship provides a means to recognize and support University of Toronto scholars of demonstrated excellence.  All fellows will be selected on the basis of

  • proven ability as evidenced by a distinguished record in research and scholarship, relative to career stage;
  • the scholarly merit of the research proposal;
  • In the case of the 12-month JHIRF, on the relation of the proposed research to the annual theme and demonstrated interest in, and willingness to conduct research within an interdisciplinary and intergenerational community.

Proposals will be assessed by the Jackman Humanities Institute Review Panel, a group of internationally acknowledged experts from inside and outside of the University of Toronto. The review process will take place in two stages. In the first stage, the Review Panel will produce a short list of proposals, which will be sent out for assessment by scholarly experts from outside the University of Toronto. The panel will then reconvene for the second stage to select fellows based on the applications and the letters received.

The annual balance between the two types of fellowships described above will depend on the applicant pool.

Home units for winning applicants will receive teaching replacement funding as follows:

  • 12-month fellowship $45,000
  • 6-month fellowship:  $25,000


Application Process

  1. You must have an account in the JHI website to apply.  If you have an existing account, go to https://humanities.utoronto.ca and then log in; if you need to set one up, click on Register (top right corner) to create an account.
  2. The application is located at the bottom of this page, when you click on Apply Now!
  3. Upload a set of documents:


  •        Curriculum Vitae (standard University of Toronto)
  •        Project description (3-5 pp. single-spaced recommended length)
  •        Brief biography (250 words maximum)
  •        List of academic publications with the 5 most significant identified (append to Project Proposal)
  •        External Referees: 3 whom we can contact; (optional) 2 whom we should not contact. Please do not provide names from within the University of Toronto.

Your completed application will automatically generate a letter to your Chair or Dean requesting support and the names of two additional external referees.

For any questions or further information, please contact Alison Keith, Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute.


Terms for both 12-month and 6-month JHI Faculty Research Fellows


  • The time spent on a JHI fellowship does not postpone the clock towards the next sabbatical.
  • Following arrangements made with the fellow’s chair, an evaluation of participation in the fellowship activities will be included in annual activity assessment.
  • Each faculty member may hold a maximum of two JHI Faculty Research Fellowships (either 6-month research leave or 12-month) in a career at University of Toronto; a gap of at least 5 years is required between fellowships.
  • All faculty who are tenured at the time of the fellowship and who are engaged in humanities research at the University of Toronto are eligible, with preference for members of the three-campus humanities departments.
  • All fellows will be required to provide a brief report on their fellowship in June 2022. This will form a part of the JHI’s Annual Report for that year.

Terms for 12-Month fellowships

  • One year of full release from teaching and appropriate reduction from departmental administrative duties with full salary
  • An additional $5,000 CAD (available as research grant or stipend)
  • Departments will be provided with $45,000 towards the cost of teaching replacement for the Fellow.
  • Preference will be given to applications that relate to the Annual Theme.
  • All faculty who are tenured at the time of the fellowship and who are engaged in humanities research at the University of Toronto are eligible, with preference for members of the three-campus humanities departments.

    The JHI 12-month Faculty Research Fellowship is residential and as such requires:

  • Switching office to JHI
  • Regular participation in JHI events during the fellowship year of 2021-2022 (including weekly lunches, workshops, occasional public events)
  • In the year leading up to the fellowship (2020-2021), serving on selection committees for other fellows who will be at the JHI during their fellowship year (2021-2022).
  • During the fellowship year (2021-2022) supervision of up to two undergraduate fellows at JHI who will complete a 1.0 FYE Independent Study on a topic of their choice
  • Helping to design programming for 2021-2022 events at the JHI
  • In the year following fellowship (2022-2023), teaching one 300 or 400 level course in the home unit based on fellowship research.


Terms for Six-Month Research Fellowships

  • Six months of release-time with full salary for the time of the award
  • An additional $5,000 CAD (available as research grant or stipend)
  • Departments will be provided with $25,000 towards the cost of teaching replacement for the Fellow
  • There is no residence requirement
  • Proposals need not be linked to the annual theme
  • In the year following fellowship (2022-2023), six-month fellowship holders will be invited to share their research with the University of Toronto community in a public event.



  • Applications for 12-month and 6-month fellowships are due 16 September 2020
  • Selections will be made by 25 November 2020



Questions about this fellowship opportunity should be directed to:

Professor Alison Keith, Director, Jackman Humanities Institute

Questions about the website and technical aspects of this application should be director to:

Kim Yates, Associate Director