2021-2022 JHI Working Groups

Call for Proposals

Applications will be accepted starting Thursday 1 April 2021
DEADLINE:  Friday 14 May 2021


The Jackman Humanities Institute will sponsor up to 12 (twelve) working groups during the 2021-2022 academic year. Each working group will consist of graduate students and faculty that will conduct research or engage in other scholarly exchange. A working group will be funded for one year, but may apply for renewal in future years based on success in the current year (with a limit of five years).

Each successful application for a JHI Working Group in 2021-2022 will be awarded $3,000.
All working groups will be expected to provide progress reports and a final accounting of how the funds were spent as well as a report on the activities of the group. The funds can support visitors, refreshments, materials, or other related costs. Each group is expected to meet at least four times a term, for a minimum of eight meetings a year. Funds should be spent by 15 April 2021, but may be held on request for expenditure by 15 June 2021. Unspent award funds must be returned to the JHI at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year (1 July 2022).
Groups must be interdisciplinary, and each group must have participation from at least three different units (departments, centres, institutes or programs). Groups will have a minimum of six U of T members and include balanced numbers of graduate students and faculty. All members of the group are expected to participate fully in the group’s activities.  Previously funded working groups are eligible to re-apply. Participants may work with no more than two groups per year. Working groups may be proposed by doctoral students, on the understanding that a faculty partner named in the application will be responsible for the management of the funds awarded to the group.
Preference will be given to groups that will hold at least one meeting per term at either the University of Toronto Mississauga or the University of Toronto Scarborough campus and to proposals that are prepared to meet online in the event of pandemic responses.
The JHI can provide space for meetings and small conferences on the first floor of the JHB, pending return to normal indoor group capacity (JHB100 seating 100), and in the 10th floor seminar room (JHB1040 seating up to 25; this space is available only 9-5 weekdays). Topics for the working groups are NOT restricted to the JHI annual theme. A/V recordings of events funded by Working Groups should be included as a regularly budgeted item in the budget proposal if they are needed. An explanation of the research or pedagogical need for the recording should be included in the Description and Rationale document. The responsibility for arranging recordings will lie with the event organizer. The Rationale document should include contingency plans in the event that in-person meetings cannot be held.

Some possible activities for working groups include:

  • a local area working group drawing from other universities in the GTA
  • a group exploring new collaborative links
  • a group producing a joint publication
  • a group linked to a larger conference or seminar

The JHI will NOT support:


  • groups that properly should be supported by other programs or units
  • groups that support the research program of a single or a pair of faculty member(s)
  • groups whose primary function is to host a lecture series
  • costs greater than $500 for administrative support

To apply:

  1. Ask EVERY member of the group to register on the JHI website if they have not already done so.
  2. Complete the application online (click Apply Now! at the bottom of this page to enter the application form)
  3. Upload a description of the plans and rationale for the working group (max. 500 words – FIRM limit on length). Include a listing of all members with academic rank and unit affiliations as an appendix to your description.
  4. Upload a proposed budget outline.
  5. If your application is for renewal of a working group running in 2020-2021, you must submit complete reporting including financial information before your application for renewal can be considered. Please adhere to length limits when providing reporting information.




Questions about this program?
Please contact Director Alison Keith at jhi.director@utoronto.ca

Questions about the application process or website?
Please contact Associate Director Kim Yates at jhi.associate@utoronto.ca

Further information about JHI’s current working groups: https://humanities.utoronto.ca/all-groups
Applications open: Wednesday 1 April 2021
Applications due:  Friday 14 May 2021