2021-2022 Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellowship

Call for Nominations, 2020-2021

This competition opens: Thursday 1 April 2021
Deadlines for applications: Friday 14 May 2021


The Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) of the University of Toronto welcomes nominations from Humanities Departments and Ph.D. granting Centres and Institutes for one Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities for a doctoral student in their final year of cohort funding for the 2021-2022 year. Each unit may nominate up to two candidates for the Iannucci fellowship, selecting candidates through their graduate executive or by their graduate coordinator.


Value of Award

The total value of the Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities is $15,000 CAD.  The fellowship consists of stipend relief toward the normal value of assignment as a teaching assistant during the fellowship year, plus a top-up to bring the award up to the $15,000 level. This fellowship may only be held by doctoral students who will be receiving the graduate cohort funding package during the fellowship year.  The holder of this fellowship may not accept placement as a teaching assistant or as a course instructor during the period of fellowship. The fellowship will be valid from 1 July 2021 — 30 June 2022.  This fellowship may be held by a Canadian or international student, but the value will remain the same in either case. Fellows may be assigned to research assistantships of up to a value of $500 during their Fellowship. One award will be made.


Expectations for Fellows

As a residential fellow, the Amilcare Iannucci graduate fellow will be provided with office space at the JHI on the 10th floor of the Jackman Humanities Building. They will be expected to participate in activities with faculty and postdoctoral fellows, including weekly lunch seminars and occasional other workshops and lectures.


  • Fellows are expected to be in residence and no longer need to travel for major research; limited travel funding is available to support research or conference travel.
  • No previous holder of a Chancellor Jackman Graduate Student Fellowship or Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellowship is eligible.
  • Fellows are not permitted to take assignments as Course Instructor or Teaching Assistant during the 12- month period of their Fellowship (1 July 2021-30 June 2022) in order to allow for expedited research and writing.
  • Fellowships will be awarded on the basis of excellence in scholarship and scholarly promise as well as the relevance of the thesis topic to the annual theme of Pleasure (see below for description).


Annual Theme for 2021 - 2022: Pleasure

Whether understood as light amusement or passionate pursuit, as pure enjoyment, sensual gratification, bliss or hedonism, pleasure may be the most agreeable motivator. Yet pleasure has been described as “curious and appalling,” one of modern civilization’s most deadly poisons. Through its diverse manifestations – as intellectual satisfaction and the pleasures of knowledge, across studies of media audiences, addiction, virtual sex – when, and how, has pleasure become divorced from ideology, politics, and power? Uneasiness concerning pleasure resonates readily with humanists’ tendencies to formulate our subjects of study as constellations of problems, but is there space in our discourses for unironic joy?

Selection Process

Up to two graduate students may be nominated by each department or EDU. Applicants must be currently registered in the 2020-21 year in a Ph.D. in a humanities or social sciences discipline or the doctoral program in Law, Music, Education, Architecture or Information. Applicants for the Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellow will be in the final year of funding during their fellowship year. Applicants must have two (2) completed chapters of the thesis at the time of the application. It is understood that these chapters must be complete, but may be in a draft version that will continue to develop.


If you have been nominated

You must have or create a userID account on the JHI website at:

  1. Complete the online application for this fellowship at https://humanities.utoronto.ca/funding/50373 (click Apply Now! at the bottom of this page)
  2. Upload a current CV
  3. Upload a thesis abstract and a rationale for this fellowship that explains how your work will fit with the annual theme of Pleasure (maximum length 1,000 words)
  4. Writing Sample: Upload two chapters of your thesis (completed drafts are acceptable)
  5. Upload a current transcript or a copy of your complete academic history from ACORN
  6. Provide the Name and email address of your Thesis Supervisor, whom the JHI will contact for a letter of reference
  7. Provide the Name and email address of the faculty member who is the graduate coordinator of your department or EDU, whom the JHI will contact for a letter of nomination



  • Questions about this fellowship? Please contact JHI Director Professor Alison Keith at jhi.director@utoronto.ca
  • Questions about the website or application process? Please contact Associate Director Dr. Kimberley Yates at jhi.associate@utoronto.ca