Mellon New Directions Fellowships 2019

Call for Letters of Intent (LOI)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowships 2019

Deadline:  15 July 2019

The University of Toronto has been invited to make one nomination for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s New Directions Fellowships. These highly selective fellowships provide support for exceptional tenured faculty members in the humanities and humanistic social sciences who received their doctorates between 2007 and 2013, and whose research would benefit from their acquiring systematic training and academic competencies outside their own disciplines in order to advance a cross-disciplinary research agenda. Unlike other fellowship awards, this program does not aim to facilitate short-term outcomes, such as completion of a book. Rather, New Directions Fellowships are a longer-term investment in scholars’ intellectual range and productivity.

The details of the fellowship are available on the Mellon Foundation website:



Serious interdisciplinary research often requires established scholar-teachers to pursue formal substantive and methodological training in addition to the PhD.  New Directions Fellowships assist faculty members in the humanities and humanistic social sciences who seek to acquire systematic training outside their own areas of special interest.  The program is intended to enable scholars in the humanities to work on problems that interest them most, at an appropriately advanced level of sophistication.  In addition to facilitating the work of individual faculty members, these awards should benefit scholarship in the humanities more generally by encouraging the highest standards in cross-disciplinary research.



  1. The Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) will administer the proposal selection process, which is on a short timeline. We are actively seeking nominations and are requesting a letter of intent and draft budget by 15 July 2019.
  2. An internal committee of leading scholars in the Humanities that is approved by the Vice-President Research and Innovation, will screen and then pre-select only one applicant to develop a full proposal. Results will be available on 18 July 2019.
  3. The full proposal and budget will be due at the JHI on 19 August 2019. The internal committee will review the final proposal with an eye to strengthening it. After review, comments and suggestions will be provided by 22 August 2019.
  4. Final revisions must be completed by the applicant and returned to JHI by 3 September 2019.
  5. The applicant’s proposal will then go forward to the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation, which will submit the University of Toronto’s nomination and endorsement for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship by 27 September 2019.


Stage One Requirements

For 15 July 2019, we are asking for:

  1. A Letter of Intent from the faculty member.  The letter of intent should be up to 3 pages (single-spaced) and describe: (a) the faculty member’s most recent research project; (b) the new research project for which new training is required; where the applicant might choose to do that study (Toronto or elsewhere); and how the advanced training would contribute to the new project.
  2. A Draft Budget that names a total request and outlines in rough terms how it will be spent
  3. a Short CV (five pages maximum length)

The letter of intent, budget, and CV should be submitted online by clicking on Apply Now! at the bottom of this page.

(Applicants must have an active account in the JHI website.)

On the basis of these materials the internal committee will select the single applicant who will prepare a full application that will go through the revision process described above during the summer months in 2019.



Contact Professor Alison Keith, Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute (416) 978-7415 or