About Humanities at Large

What is Humanities at Large?

Humanities at Large (HaL) is a public humanities initiative of the Jackman Humanities Institute. Launched in 2017 the HaL initiative now enjoys grant support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation from 2019-2022. Humanities at Large encompasses a range of activities intended to foster knowledge exchange between the academy and the public while supporting new forms of communication and collaboration through six initiatives over three years:

Toronto Writing Workshop Participants
Photo by Berenice Villagómez

  • The annual Toronto Writing Workshop will train scholars how to reach non-academic audiences through popular outlets like The Walrus and The New Yorker
  • Annual social media training sessions will help humanities scholars communicate to a wide variety of audiences while growing the reach of their research and public profile
  • Two annual community-engagement workshops will share best practices in knowledge transfer, community-engaged research, and taking specialized research outside of the academy
  • An outreach program will connect graduate students and exceptional students in high school to share their research in humanities subjects like English, foreign languages, history, social sciences, music and art
  • The Talking Books series will feature events hosted by JHI faculty fellows based around a literary anniversary or best-selling author, with a focus on public appeal
  • The JHI’s humanities research will be profiled in podcasts, increasing public awareness of, and engagement in, key issues across humanities disciplines

In addition to these initiatives, the newly created Visiting Public Humanities Fellow and Community-Engaged Early Career Fellow will join the JHI Circle of Fellows.

Humanities at Large brings humanities research out of the classroom and university press, and into the broader public realm for discussion, debate, and examination across multiple media platforms, and makes space in the academy for the knowledge of communities.