Community-Engaged Humanities Workshops

Universities have never been more connected with the “world at large” than now.

But how do experts get their ideas to a wider public and engage their communities? Two annual day-long Community-Engaged Public Humanities Workshops will deliver targeted training to scholars considering diversified academic careers in knowledge transfer, community-engaged research, and taking specialized research and research training public, outside of the academy, in conjunction with community partners.

The JHI is committed to public-facing research. There are many ways for humanities researchers to work “outside the walls,” including:

  • Training an academic partner in the traditional knowledges of a community
  • Cultural organizing
  • Production of audience-oriented performances
  • Maker activities such as art, music, theatre, and cinema

The workshops are intended to:

  • Showcase the diverse range of community-engaged humanities research
  • Provide tips and ideas to support the development of opportunities for building relationships with community partners
  • Offer guidance for facilitating research projects through building community partnerships that reflect both the partners’ needs and the researchers’ own interests and expertise

The workshops will be facilitated by the JHI Visiting Public Humanities Fellow, the JHI Early Career Fellow in Community-Engaged Humanities Research, and the JHI NMHJ Fellow, as part of the duties of their Fellowships.

Participants will learn not only why going public matters, but how to keep the faith with our research partners in their communities outside the academy.