Podcast Series Examines the Role of Humanities Research

What is Truth in a World of Fake News?

Maggie ReidIn February 2019 Dr. Maggie Reid, the JHI’s 2018-19 New Media and Humanities Journalism Fellow, launched lower case truth, a podcast examining the current ‘post truth era’ and the role of universities. Maggie completed her doctorate in Communications and Culture (York/Ryerson University joint program) in 2018.  She has worked as a documentary producer for King Squared Media and a radio host and producer for CHRY 105.5 FM.  She has written extensively about the culture of journalism, Canadian media policy, and educational and pedagogical issues.

Maggie explains why she created lower case truth, why talking about this is important and how her fellowship at the JHI has supported her.

The podcast features conversations with academics about issues relevant to the “post truth era”. Maggie asks:

•    How do we sort through the misinformation?
•    How do we hold power accountable in a post truth era?
•    What is the role of the social sciences and humanities disciplines in helping us with these questions?

Listen to the Podcast: You can listen to all podcast episodes on the lower case truth website. Follow Maggie on Twitter (@maggiemreid) to hear about the latest episodes.

Episode 4: the war on weed

The war on drugs has had devastating impacts, especially on black and indigenous communities that have been over-policed, charged and incarcerated for drug possession offenses. Maggie speaks with criminologist Akwasi Owusu-Bempah about what we need to do to make amends for some of these injustices.

Episode 3: what’s the deal with SNC Lavalin?

Maggie speaks to historian and political commentator, Christo Aivalis, about the SNC Lavalin debacle, the upcoming federal election and how we get out of a lesser of two evils politics.

Episode 2: Marxist indoctrination cults

Maggie speaks with journalist and professor Henry Giroux about higher education and threats to democracy in post truth times.

Episode 1: limitless truth in a truthless world