Public Humanities Fellows

As part of the Humanities at Large initiative, the JHI created two new fellowships in 2019-20: the Visiting Public Humanities Fellow and Community-Engaged Early Career Fellow. These two fellows join the JHI Circle of Fellows. These fellowships are designed to encourage knowledge transfer and exchange between the academy and the public.

2020-21 Fellows

Visiting Public Humanities Fellow: Robyn Autry

Robyn Autry (Ph.D. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008) is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at Wesleyan University. She is an interpretive sociologist with broad interests in cultural practices associated with black identity, memory and violence, and representation. Her work on the politics of museum development in the US and South Africa has been published in edited volumes and several journals, including Theory & Society and Museum & Society. Her book Desegregating the Past: The Public Life of Memory in the US and South Africa compares post-apartheid and post-civil rights museum politics (Columbia University Press, 2017). Her current book project Selfishly Black, considers how we personally experience and make sense of collective phenomena like racism and colorism. In addition to her public writing, she has given several public talks and is experimenting with others forms of public engagement such as storytelling events. Read more…

Community-Engaged Early Career Fellow: Francesca D'Amico-Cuthbert

Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert holds a doctorate in American History from York University. Her research interests include the history of urban popular music forms in the United States and Canada, feminist readings of popular culture, and the relationship of racialized artists to social justice movements and state apparatuses and discourses. Francesca is also a filmmaker working on a forthcoming full-length documentary film (and accompanying film curriculum) on mixed race identities, with a second film in the initial stages of development. Read more…