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Humanities At UofT

Humanities at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a significant national and international nexus for scholarly research in the humanities. Humanities scholars at U of T provide a rich blend of North American and European traditions of historically and theoretically oriented research.  Faculty members recruited from around the world provide competitive training to graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of scholarship.  Humanities teaching and research is carried out by scholars who have first-hand knowledge of the linguistic, historical, and cultural background of the literary and artistic works under study.  At U of T, literary works written in Persian or Swahili, for example, are taught by instructors with native fluency in these languages and not only in translation. Indeed, U of T offers instruction in an unparalleled 54 world  languages.  This in turn ensure that in the classroom, undergraduate and graduate students have direct access to accurate, culturally sensitive information.  This multilingual and multicultural community of scholars is exemplary to humanities scholarship on a global scale.

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