Jesuit History Research Group

JHI Working Group active in 2019-2020


Our group is a new initiative bringing together scholars with a shared interest in all things Jesuit: the spiritual, anthropological, literary, political, artistic, educational, linguistic, and scientific legacy of the Jesuits. We will encourage focused inquiries into the Jesuit tradition, as well as longue durée rapprochements between the Old Society (1540-1773) and the Restored Society (1814-). We will examine, without presuppositions, the Society's place and contributions, its successes and failures, within broader historical currents. The complex history of the relationship between First Nations and Jesuit missionaries demands scholarly attention, and here we see an opportunity to engage with the University of Toronto's ongoing reconciliation effort. Our monthly meetings will include workshops with pre-circulated work, and seminar-style discussions of recent publications. At the end of the year we will organize an event that will connect our work with cross-institutional partnerships.


  • Andreas Motsch, FAS French
  • Jean-Olivier Richard, SMC Christianity & Culture
  • Thomas Worcester, S.J., Regis College

Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Paul Cohen, FAS History
  • Mairi Cowan, UTM Historical Studies
  • Sébastien Drouin, UTSC French & Linguistics
  • Francesco Guardiani, FAS Italian Studies
  • Grégoire Holtz, FAS French
  • Valentina Napolitano, FAS Anthropology
  • Stephen Tardif, SMC Christianity & Culture

Faculty Members outside University of Toronto

  • Fr. Michael Knox, Regis College
  • Sharonah Fredrick, Romance Languages & Literatures, University of Buffalo
  • Carlota McAllister, Anthropology, York University

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Ziba Amadian, Italian Studies
  • Oana Baboi, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
  • Petre Ene, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Adam Richter, History & Philosophy of Science and Technology

Undergraduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Isaure Vorstman
  • Isadora Ateljevic
  • Agha Saadaf
  • Marco Istasy
  • Ksenia Meteleva