Latin American Racial Technologies through the 21st Century

JHI Working Group active in 2019-2020


This working group was established in 2018-2019 around the dilemma of contemporary racialization in the Americas as a complex series of practices defined by both regional and national histories of coloniality, and by more recent tendencies tied to practices of democratization and international human rights movements. The concept of 'racial technologies' serves as an approach to thinking through the shifting modalities and actions of race across the Americas. Our meetings this year will be structured around a series of keywords, such as "blackness", "citizenship" and "reparations" that get deployed in different ways across disciplines, regional frameworks, and time periods. Our monthly meeting schedule will alternate between discussions of work-in-progress, and of relevant theoretical readings chosen by the group.


  • Valentina Napolitano, FAS Anthropology
  • Luisa Schwartzman, UTM Sociology
  • Tamara Walker, FAS History

Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Susan Antebi, FAS Spanish & Portuguese
  • Ted Sammons, CLTA, FAS and UTSC Anthropology

Faculty, outside University of Toronto

  • Gillian McGillivray, History, York University
  • Antonio Torres-Ruiz, Equity Studies, York University

Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Alexandra González Jiménez, FAS Anthropology
  • Eshe Lewis, FAS Latin American Studies

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Diana Barrero, OISE Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development
  • Fernando Calderón Figueroa, Sociology
  • Roxana Escobar Nuñez, Geography & Planning
  • Mariana Ferraz Duarte, Della Lana School of Public Health
  • Nae Hanashiro Avila, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Ximena Martínez Trabucco, OISE Social Justice Education
  • Matias Recharte, Faculty of Music
  • Tania Ruiz Chapman, OISE Social Justice Education