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Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships 2012-2014

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships at the JHI, 2012-2014

Stacy Jameson, Cultural Studies, UC-Davis
    Dissertation: Food Face: Eating on the Small Screen
    Stacy’s research reads culture through the popular spectacle of food consumption on television. By focusing on the “money shot”, her work emphasizes the eater and food’s relationship to the body, considering it as a trigger of gesture and ideology. Her work engages with scholarship in food studies, embodied cinema, and facial expression studies. Stacy’s teaching interests include food studies, media studies, women and gender studies and American studies. She will be teaching in Victoria College’s Literary Studies program in Fall 2012, and with the Centre for the Study of the United States in Winter 2013.

Michelle Neely, English, UC-Irvine.
    Dissertation: The Antebellum Animal
    Michelle’s research is focused on the “nonhuman animal”, and examines literary, philosophical, and popular representations of animal life during the early 19th c. to show how this period’s redefinition of “the animal” helped to change understandings of personhood, race, kinship and literary character.  Her teaching interests include 19th c. American literature, women’s literature, Native American literature and African American literature, as well as food studies, nature writing, social protest and reform literature. Michelle will be teaching with the Department of English in 2012-2013.

Xóchitl Ruiz, Anthropology, University of Michigan.
    Dissertation:  Dining in Bethlehem: Food, Charity, and Growing Old in Bogotá
    Xóchitl has done field research into the ways that elderly people receive food as charity in Bogota, spanning social welfare and religious practice as well as political reform and corporate profiteering, and ultimately, local traditions of colonial assistance to aboriginal peoples.  Her teaching in Social Anthropology explores the sociality of food through a variety of approaches including history, literature, popular culture, cultural studies and sociology. Xóchitl will be teaching with the Department of Anthropology in 2012-2013.

Augustine Sedgewick, History, Harvard University.
    Dissertation: The American System in the World Depression, 1932-1941: The Case of the Coffee Trade
    Augustine’s work as a historian blends political studies and ethnic studies to explore the global racial distribution of satiety and hunger under US hegemony. By following the production and export of coffee in El Salvador, he traces the ways that the New Deal exported both hunger and prosperity beyond American borders. In the classroom, he teaches students to use practices of everyday life and patterns of social relations to examine broader configurations of political economy.  Augustine will be teaching with the Department of History in 2012-2013.

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