Program for the Arts

The Jackman Humanities Institute is pleased to announce that the following events will be funded in 2020-2021 through the Program for the Arts.  Events are normally selected for relevance to the coming year's annual theme.

When dates are finalized, we'll post each event in the Events section.

JHI Program for the Arts, 2020-2021 on Collectives

From political parties to literary coteries, from fan groups to sports teams, from terrorist organizations to online groups, our collectives, associations, and communities are multiform and complex.

How do we band together and why? In teaming up, how does membership of a collective affect one’s own agency and standing – what do we lose, what do we gain? Can collectives truly be agents and how do group dynamics emerge? How do we balance the interests between collectives, of individuals and collectives, and of the individual within the collective?


We Prepare a Space
Conversations on Indigenous care and digital ethics in arts-based praxis
Karyn Recollet, FAS Women & Gender Studies and Bonnie McElhinney, FAS Anthropology and Women & Gender Studies

Encounters with Contemporary Art
Ann Mullen, UTSC Department of Sociology

The Art of Captivity / Arte del Cautiverio
Roundtable discussion and bilingual virtual exhibition tour
Kevin O’Neill, FAS Study of Religion and Diaspora & Transnational Studies

For the Earth it was Just a Twinge: Collective Storytelling in Journalism, Storytelling and Performance
One-day Symposium
Midori Koga, Faculty of Music

New Arts of Persuasion? Charisma, Aesthetics, and the Making of Religio-Political Publics
Three online workshops
Simon Coleman, FAS Department of Anthropology and Veronica Fomina, FAS postdoctoral fellow

Dramaturgies of Resistance: Collectivities, Performance, Dialectics
Screening, Workshop and Symposium
Alexa Winstanley-Smith, Ph.D. student, Study of Religion and Rebecca Comay, FAS Philosophy

Synthetic Collective: Plastic Heart
Barbara Fischer, Director, Art Museum and Visual Studies Program, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

Screening, Collectives and Collectivity
Symposium, Screening with Director Q&A, Graduate Workshop
Sara Saljoughi, UTSC English

Collective Sincerity
Larry Switzky, UTM Department of English & Drama