Literature, Literary Studies and Creative Writing as Aesthetic Education:
South African and Canadian Perspectives

As part of the Mellon-funded collaboration between the Centre for Humanities Research and the Jackman Humanities Institute, scholars of literature at the University of the Western Cape and the University of Toronto are engaged in a dialogue about pedagogy and decolonization. South African campuses have become contested spaces over the last two years, as students have challenged the exclusionary nature of the higher education system and its practices in the name of a far-reaching process of decolonisation. Canadian scholars, too, feel the need and desire to respond to the calls to decolonize by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. And thinking critical pedagogy cannot be done without taking into account the corporatization of the university. Faculty and graduate students in both universities are discussing their experience and practice in the classroom given these urgent demands and pressures.

12-13 October 2018 -- Humanities Pedagogy Confronting Colonization

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  • Neil ten Kortenaar, PI, Aesthetic Education: A South-North Dialogue; Comparative Literature and English, UT
  • Suzanne Akbari, Director, Centre for Medieval Studies and English, UT
  • Uzoma Esonwanne, Comparative Literature and English, UT
  • Alanna Birch, Faculty of Arts, UWC