Puppetry, perhaps more than other art forms, teaches us how human projects are accommodated in or resisted by the non-human world. While digital technology executes our commands frictionlessly, puppetry reminds us that working with puppet performers is a negotiation with the agendas of other things, in much the same way that construction or environmental management must see human intentions as part of an assemblage of persons, materials and ecologies. Puppetry is an especially developed art at the CHR, which has worked extensively with the renowned Handspring puppet company, sponsors the activities of Ukwanda, a black puppet company housed in the Factory of the Arts, and hosts Jane Taylor, the Mellon Chair of aesthetic Theory and Material Practice.

Activities in Toronto in 2018-2019

  • October 2018: Animacy and/or Agency in Artificial Intelligence
  • November 2018: Materializing Indigenous Treaties
  • January 2019: Prostheses, Physical and Virtual
  • February 2019: Puppets, Parades and Protests
  • March 2019: New Methods in Puppetry and Material Performance Research (roundtable)
  • April 2019: Eurasian Flows and Migrations in Puppetry, Past to Present

Activities in Capetown, 2018-2019

  • June 2019 LoKO ten-day workshop with scholars and practitioners of the Handspring Puppet Company

Activities in 2017-2018