Diasporic Foodways

2013-2014 Working Group: Diasporic Foodways

Diasporic Foodways: Transnational Constructions & Connections in Cultural, Economic & Environmental Perspective

This working group is now in its second year.  Our methods and approach build directly on the broad  international expertise and cultural opportunities available within the University of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.  Seminars explore the interplay of food, identity and subject formation, environmental effects and global food economics.  We integrate practitioners (farmers, importers, vendors, chefs) directly into key seminars in order to see how, in diasporic communities which set markets, restaurants and shops at the centre of their collective lives, the producers, preparers, and purveyors of food become vital agents shaping practices, constructing identities, handling differences, and negotiating convergences.

Nicholas Terpstra, History
Ken MacDonald, UTSC Human Geography
Dan Bender, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Josée Johnston, UTM Sociology
Camille Bégin, Executive Director, Culinaria Research Project, UTSC

Naisargi Dave, Anthropology
Harriet Friedman, UTSC Human Geography
Alexandra Guerson, Instructor, New College International Foundations
Rick Halpern, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Franca Iacovetta, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Marney Isaac, Geography, Physical & Environmental Sciences, Critical Development Studies
Ryan Isakson, UTSC Department of Human Geography
Whitney Kemble, Liaison Librarian, UTSC Library
Hui Kian Kwee, UTM Historical Studies
June Larkin, Women & Gender Studies
Vanina Leschziner, Sociology
Bertie Mandleblatt, Instructor, History and Caribbean Studies
Victoria Owens, Head Librarian, UTSC
Florence Pasche Guignard, postdoctoral fellow, Religion
Steve Penfold, History
Shiho Satasuka, Anthropology
Jayeeta Sharma, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Anna Shternshis, German, Jewish Studies, and Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Alison Smith, History
Lori Stahlbrand, Food Matters, New One, New College Food Systems Coordinator
Sarah Wakefield, Geography & Planning
(Other Universities)
Ian Mosby, Postdoctoral Fellow, History, University of Guelph
Penny Van Esterik, Anthropology, York University

Sarah Cappeliez, Sociology
Heléne Caron, French
Laurie Drake, Sociology
Jennifer Evans, History
Joel Fridman, Geography
Lauren Kepkiewicz,Geography
Charles Levkoe, Geography
Sarah Livingston, History and Jewish Studies
Aldea Mulhern, Religion
Merin Oleschuck, Anthropology
Sarah Tracy, History

(Other Universities)
Richard Aronson, History, York University
Guillaume Dandurand, Anthropology, York University
Simona Stano, Food Semiotics, University of Turin
Alana Toulin, History, Carleton University