Experiencing the City: In Translation

2013-2014 Working Group: Experiencing the City: In Translation

Experiencing the City: In Translation

From the sights, sounds, and smells of the city, to its political economy and social formations, the city has been understood and presented through words, images, objects, and performance. Experiencing the city requires the translation of varied and disparate information into other media or conceptual frameworks.  This working group seeks to understand how different disciplines and practioners have represented or understood urban experience throughout history. It offers an opportunity for researchers to share their specialized knowledge through readings, presentations, and master classes. The group will also develop a bibliography for a course or anthology that expands urban studies beyond urban sociology, anthropology, geography and political economy.  It seeks to consider the ways in which the city has been understood in the visual arts and media, performing arts, literature, and philosophy. We will develop an expansive and cohesive cross-disciplinary methodology for urban studies that incorporates both recent research and contemporary cultural practices.

Erica Allen-Kim, Instructor, Architecture Landscape & Design   

Mark Kingwell, Philosophy
Atsuko Sakaki, East Asian Studies

(Other Universities)
Marie-Josée Therrien, Liberal Arts & Sciences, OCAD University   

Chris Enman, Political Science
Sharon Kelly, Anthropology
John Paul Catungal, Geography & Planning
Elizabeth Parke, Art
Dustin Harris, History
Carolyn Shapiro, Philosophy