Gender and Global Scholarship

2013-2014 Working Group: Gender and Global Scholarship

Gender and Global Scholarship

Franca Iacovetta, History
Jayeeta Sharma, History and UTSC Global Asia Studies   

This working group is in its second year.  The Gender and Global Scholarship group arose from the fact that for the first time in its history, the internationally prominent Bershire Conference on Women's History (or "Big Berks") is to be held outside of the United States, at the University of Toronto on 22-25 May 2014. The group's major purpose is to ensure the significant participation of a multigenerational mix of global humanities scholars pursuing historical and transnational questions relating to women, gender, and sexualities, and to mentor graduate students in the GTA who are working on related themes and disciplines. The group will take an active role in organizing and driving local participation in the conference, through poster, paper, and panel sessions.

Camille Bégin, Instructor, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Doris Bergen, History
Anne-Emmanuelle Birn, Public Health and UTSC International Development Studies
Victoria Burke, Philosophy
Emily Gilbert, Geography & Planning and Canadian Studies
Pamela Klassen, Religion
Jin-kyung Park, Women & Gender Studies and UTSC Global Asia Studies
Rachel M. Silvey, Geography & Planning
Marieme Lo, African Studies

(Other Universities)
Juanita De Barros, History, McMaster University
Anne Rubenstein, History, York University
Pamela Sugiman, Sociology, Ryerson University
Ponni Arasu, Women & Gender Studies and History
Rebecca Carter-Chand, History
Jairan Gahan, Religion
Anna-Louise Crago, Anthropology
Jennifer Evans, History
Pamela Fuentes, History
Kuldeep Grewal, History
Alexandra Logue, History
Prathna Lor, English and Sexual Diversity Studies
Ida Meftahi, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Leila Pourvataf, History and Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Sheyfali Saujani, History and Disability Studies
Rose Fine-Meyer, History and OISE

(Other Universities)
Kristine Alexander, postdoctoral researcher, History, University of Western Ontario
Christine Ekholst, postdoctoral researcher, History, University of Guelph