The Affect Project

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The Affect Project

Despite the intense theoretical and philosophical scrutiny to which affect as a new term of interest has been subjected over the last decade, there remains considerable disagreement and even confusion over a few fundamental issues.  What is the difference between affect studies and the methods of psychoanalysis?  Is affect located in the body, the psyche, or cultural discourse at large? What is the overlap and/or difference between affect, feelings, and emotions?  The recent prominence of the term in both the humanities and the cognitive sciences generates an interesting object of study that the group explored in 2015-16; in the coming year, the overarching purpose of the group will be to address the question of current and future theorizations of the value of affect as a critical term of analysis. Additional purposes include fostering collaboration between the University of Toronto and other universities; establishing an institutional context in which sustained interdisciplinary exchange is possible; and providing an occasion for the intellectual and professional development of graduate students.

Dana Seitler, FAS English

Faculty at University of Toronto
Alex Hernandez, FAS English
Angelica Fenner, FAS Cinema Studies
Patrick Keilty, Faculty of Information
Eujung Lee, Faculty of Social Work
John Paul Ricco, UTM Visual Studies
Nic Sammond, FAS Cinema Studies
Victoria Wohl, FAS Classics
Danny Wright, UTM English & Drama

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Stephanie Heine, FAS Comparative Literature

Graduate Students at University of Toronto
Fan Wu, Comparative Literature
Margeaux Feldman, English
Prathna Lor, English
Brad Held, Classics
Alex Eastwood, English
David Seitz, Geography & Planning
Brock Hellel, English
Faculty outside University of Toronto
Aubrey Anable, Media Studies, Carleton University
Laura Fisher, English, Ryerson University
Allyson Mitchell, Women’s Studies, York University
Tess Takahashi, Cinema Studies, York University
Graduate Students outside University of Toronto
Jenna Capriani, Disability Studies, York University
Lauren Fournier, Gender Studies, York University