Digital Mapping: Tracking Space, Sense, and Time

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Digital Mapping: Tracking Space, Sense, Time

This working group studies digital mapping, visualization & knowledge mobilization.  Members working on interdisciplinary projects will compare forms of mapping and visualization related to digital humanities to promote new ways of understanding fields, problems, and disciplines in the humanities.  Their individual projects span time and space, and aim in many instances to layer varieties of social data, movement, sensory information (sound, smell, sight), literature, architectural/artistic creation, and temporal change to create wide-ranging visualizations of cities and regions as active social and sensory spaces.  We plan to work with the FAS STEP forward initiative that brings together undergraduate students and graduate student RAs collaborating on independent studies courses based in existing digital projects at the University of Toronto.  Our sessions will address the issues around mapping literary narratives, visual sources, and historical data, using both with commercial software like Arc-GIS and also open-source, freely available digital tools such as Omeka and Neatline.  These latter provide an easy entry into the field of digital mapping for scholars and students without prior experience with the more powerful tools.  The sessions will also touch on ways to integrate digital projects with the UofT digital librarians' work on curating scholarly data.

Nicholas Terpstra, UTSG History
Suzanne Akbari, UTSG English and UTSG Medieval Studies
Pamela Klassen, UTSG Study of Religion

Faculty at the University of Toronto
Ruoyun Bai, FAS Comparative Literature
Camille Bégin, UTSC Culinary Research Project, Heritage Toronto
Laurie Bertram, FAS History
Alexandra Bolintineanu, FAS Medieval Studies and Woodsworth College
J. Daniel Elam, UTM English and UTM Historical Studies
Frances Garrett, FAS Study of Religion
Alexandra Guerson, New College
Alexandra Gillespie, UTM English
SeungJung Kim, FAS Art
Ann Komaromi, FAS Centre for Comparative Literature
Sally-Beth MacLean, FAS English, Records of Early English Drama (REED)
Bertie Mandelblatt, FAS History
Byron Moldofsky, FAS Geography & Planning
Andrea Most, FAS English
E. Natalie Rothman, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Karen Ruffle, UTM Historical Studies
J. Barton Scott, UTM Historical Studies

Librarian at the University of Toronto
Marcel Fortin, Robarts Map & Data Library

Postdoctoral Fellows at the University of Toronto
Kathy Chung, Records of Early English Drama (REED)
Jacquelyn Clements, CLIR postdoctoral fellow, FAS Art
Justine Walden, FAS History and the DECIMA Project

Faculty Members outside the University of Toronto
Jennifer Bonnell, Geography, York University
John A. Geck, English, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto
Julian Butterfield, Study of Religion
Nick Field, Study of Religion
Annie Heckman, Study of Religion
Olenka Horbatsch, Art History
Daniel Jamison, Medieval Studies
Kaleigh McLelland, Study of Religion
Helen Mo, Study of Religion and Ethnic & Pluralism Studies
Sarah Reeser, Study of Religion
Colin Rose, History
Steven Teasdale, History
Spirit-Rose Waite, History