Native Performance Culture and the Rhythm of (Re)conciliation: Re-Membering Ourselves in Deep Time:

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Native Performance Culture and the Rhythm of (Re)Conciliation: Re-Membering Ourselves in Deep Time

On 01 July 2017, Canada will celebrate her 150th Birthday; as a nation built on the Doctrines of Discovery, Extinguishment and Terra Nullius, she is, understandably, a precocious and forgetful entity. Her very existence, as an internationally recognized sovereign state, relies upon that forgetting—upon her refusal to acknowledge that there are stories that precede her recent genesis, stories that inhabit and reverberate throughout “deep time” and upon a rigorous and methodical campaign to sanitize the present moment of Indigenous presence and eventually to erase all traces of Indigeneity from living memory.

In 2017-2018, the Deep Time Working Group intends to continue its member-meetings; recruit more members; foster working relationships with the Ciimaan Language Initiative (at the Centre for Indigenous Studies) and First Story Toronto; deepen its investigations, and share the fruits of our study through seasonal, interactive land activations and mini-teach-ins (for faculty and students) across all three campuses. These land activations/ teach-ins will bring Indigenous Elders, students, researchers, community workers and individuals into collaboration with non-Indigenous individuals from the academic and larger communities. Through this work, we hope to engage multiple communities in a series of somatic investigations into processual pathways through which to activate a shift in Settler-Indigenous-Land “relations from violence and violation to [generative] co-existence.”

Jill Carter, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Myrto Koumarianos, Ph.D. student, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Faculty, University of Toronto
Heidi Bohaker, FAS History
Ante Budde, FAS Drama Theatre & Performance Studies
Stephen Johnson, UTM English & Drama
Amos Keye, FAS Aboriginal Studies and Linguistics
Pamela Klassen, FAS Study of Religion
V.K. Preston, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Karen Recollet, FAS Women & Gender Studies
Nikki Cesare Schotzko, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Cheryl Suzack, FAS English

Faculty, outside University of Toronto
Alberto Guevara, Performance Studies, York University
Jon Johnson, History, York University
Dolleen Manning, Visual Studies, OCAD University

Postdoctoral Researchers
Shelley Liebemuk, independent researcher, Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Erin Soros, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow; English   

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

Sherry Bie, OISE
Paula Danckert, Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Gio Diokno, Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Sasha Kovacs, Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Riaz Mahmood, Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Sara McDowell, OISE
Maria Meindl, Diaspora & Transnational Studies
Sonia Norris, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Audrey Rochette, Study of Religion
Jenny Salisbury, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

Graduate Student, outside University of Toronto

Megan Davies, Performance Studies, York University

Undergraduate Student, University of Toronto
James Bird, Indigenous Studies