Queer Theory

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Queer Theory

The overall objective of The Queer Theory Working Group (QTWG) is to explore new turns and challenges in queer theory through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, which values fluidity between fields and departments. This year the discussion will be focused on interdisciplinarity and queer theory. The group will meet on a monthly basis to discuss recent and influential publications, which demonstrate or challenge the efficacy of queer theory in their discipline. Together we will question the limitations of discipline-specific study, as well as the complex negotiations, which must be considered in interdisciplinary queer work. How might one avoid privileging particular cannons and fields? How does queer theory invite new potentialities for the humanities to engage in interdisciplinary study? What might the very structure of the working group, as a convening of diverse scholars, offer to queer theory as an innately interdisciplinary form and approach?  We are looking forward to growing the group next year to include new members from the St. George campus, Scarborough campus, and the Mississauga campus.

Laine Zisman Newman, Ph.D. cand., Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies   

Faculty, University of Toronto
T. Nikki Cesare-Schotzko, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Elizabeth Gould, Faculty of Music
Scott Rayter, FAS Sexual Diversity Studies
Daniel Wright, UTM English & Drama   

Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Cameron Crookston, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Sonny Dhoot, Women & Gender Studies
Margeaux Feldman, English
Paolo Frasca, Italian Studies
David Pereira, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Jessica Thorp, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Kelsey Vivash, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Graduate Students outside University of Toronto
Seran Gee, Linguistics, York
Faye Guenther, English, York University
Moynan King, Performance Studies, York University
Nicole Ritchie, Social & Political Thought, York University
Weronika Rogula, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies, York University