Toronto's Urban Imaginaries

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Toronto’s Urban Imaginaries

The late 20th century was characterized by a shift away from framing Toronto cultural production in relation to national culture. This working group brings together scholars from three universities in the GTA who wish to think about the city in relation to global art worlds. Understanding this discursive shift requires attention to the way in which the city has been imaginatively projected in the visual arts and artistic scenes in Toronto, taking into consideration such factors as the conditions of production and funding, the critical reception of art, and the teaching of the histories of creative fields. We will therefore look at visual arts as it intersects with other domains in which the imaginary of a city takes form, in literature, music, dance, theatre, cinema, design, and architecture.
Over a series of eight meetings, we will work towards a one-day public symposium. We begin with a First Story Toronto bus tour, which engages with Indigenous understandings of sovereignty, space, and place as this intersects with the GTA. Subsequent show and tell sessions will introduce senior scholars and graduate students through shared case studies and methods. A concluding editorial brainstorming session will identify topical areas for the publication of a critical reader.
Barbara Fischer, University of Toronto Art Museum; Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
Elizabeth Legge, FAS Art
Felicity Tayler, postdoctoral fellow, Art History

Faculty, University of Toronto
May Chew, FAS Cinema Studies Institute
Theresa Enright, FAS Political Science
Luis Jacob, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
Shawn Micallef, Lecturer, Innis-One and UC-One program
Sean Mills, FAS History
Scott Rayter, FAS Sexual Diversity Studies
Charles Stankievech, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
Rinaldo Walcott, OISE; Women & Gender Studies

Faculty Outside University of Toronto
Gregory Betts, Canadian Studies, Brock University
Rosemary Donegan, Art History, OCADU (retired)
Andrea Fatona, Art History, OCADU
Janine Marchessault, Art, Digital Media & Globalization, York University
Dot Tuer, Art History, OCADU

Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Liora Belford, Art History
Sam Cotter, Architecture, Visual Studies program
Andrea Creamer, Architecture, Visual Studies program
Corinn Gerber, Comparative Literature
Jordan Hale, Faculty of Information
Adam Welch, Art History

Graduate Students, outside University of Toronto
Kathryn Franklin, Humanities, York University
Emily Lawrence,  Contemporary Art History, Design & Media, OCAD University
Yilong Louie Liu,  Contemporary Art History, Design & Media, OCAD University
Carmen Victor, Communications & Culture, York University