Afterlives: Institutionality, Survival, Pedagogy

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Afterlives: Institutionality, Survival, Pedagogy

This working group explores the ethico-political potential of theorizing and investigating the peculiar temporalities of the “afterlife” from within the context of the university and the classroom. We set out to assemble vocabularies, pedagogies, and methodologies to establish strategies for responding to and engaging with events of varying and irreducible scales that have ongoing, albeit often indiscernible, impacts upon our academic climate. The concept of the “afterlife” provides an interdisciplinary site for considering how social memory, cultural and literary artifacts, and events of loss and violence share continued lives that are reconfigured in the present.
     We consider the scopes, modes, and varieties of afterlives and how we can work and learn together to survive from within them. Our working group, then, situates concepts of the afterlife such as the afterlife of slavery (Saidiya Hartman), the afterlife of images (Aby Warburg), the afterlife of translation (Walter Benjamin), and the afterlife of recognition (Glen Coulthard) in the context of the university where one negotiates radically heterogeneous, albeit intersecting, afterlives of loss and devastation in the reality of ongoing violence. 
     Our working group draws together graduate students and faculty members from a range of disciplines to read assigned scholarly texts from diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives that engage questions of institutionality, pedagogy, and survival. Our meetings will be dedicated to developing and creating an interdisciplinary lexicon of the afterlife to establish new methods of scholarship and of being in academic spaces, as well as novel modes of teaching. Our readings will be defined loosely to comprise materials like news articles, tweets/social media posts, online lectures, images, music, syllabi, mandates, agendas, etc.

Kyle Kinaschuk, Ph.D. student, English
Tavleen Purewal, Ph.D. student, English
Karina Vernon, UTSC English
Faculty, University of Toronto
Jill Carter, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Rebecca Comay, Philosophy and Comparative Literature
Dina Georgis, Women & Gender Studies
Kajri Jain, UTM Visual Studies
Katie Kilroy-Marac, UTSC Anthropology
Katie Larson, UTSC English
Lee Maracle, FAS Indigenous Studies
Rijuta Mehta, FAS English
Valentina Napolitano, FAS Anthropology
John Paul Ricco, UTM Visual Studies

Faculty outside University of Toronto
Ada Jaarsma, Philosophy, Mount Royal University
Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Suze Berkhout, Faculty of Medicine, Psychiatry
Rohan Ghatage, English
Tal Isaacson, Comparative Literature
Sophia Jaworski, Anthropology
Rita Laszlo, German
Kaspars Reinis, Comparative Literature
Sujata Thapa-Bhattarai, Geography & Urban Planning
Tobi Wilczek, German

Graduate Students outside University of Toronto
Aadita Chaudhury, Science & Technology Studies, York University
Ella Wilhelm, German, University of Chicago

Undergraduate Student, University of Toronto
Alexandra Napier, FAS Women and Gender Studies