Bridging Discipines in Manuscript Studies

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Bridging Disciplines in Manuscript Studies

This working group will bring together professors, librarians, museum curators, postdocs, and doctoral students to continue and expand interdisciplinary discussions about Manuscript Studies. The working group will consider the practical, theoretical, and historical methods used in the field of Manuscript Studies and discuss the advantages and disadvantages digital platforms offer this field. By creating a multi-disciplinary environment to discuss these topics, we can better understand and critique why we use various techniques across disciplines and what the implications are for such decisions. 
     In addition to broader discussions, the working group’s eight sessions will also focus on the techniques and complications in specific areas of Manuscript Studies. These areas include: paleography, the ability to read different scripts and handwriting; codicology, the study of the physical characteristics of a book; textual criticism, the skill of turning a manuscript into a readable and accessible edition for public use; diplomatics, the study of charters and other legal documents; and digital humanities, the digital tools and techniques which provide new ways to analyze and understand manuscript sources. 
     The working group will culminate in a graduate-student-led workshop that will be attached to the Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies (20-23 March 2019). Vagantes is a travelling, interdisciplinary, graduate-student-led conference that Toronto’s graduate students applied for and won the right to host. By designing the first manuscript workshop offered with Vagantes, the organizing committee will extend the conversations of our working group to include the broader junior-scholarly community at the conference. The workshop will introduce international conference participants to archival work and various techniques of Manuscript Studies which are taught here in Toronto but are unavailable at other universities. Additionally, this workshop will showcase the university’s extensive collections housed at the Fisher Rare Book Library, the Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies Library, and the Malcove Collection at the Art Museum, whose librarians and curators are also involved in this working group. Not only will this working group allow for greater collaboration across the Tri-Campus area, but it will also allow us to share Toronto’s wealth of resources and research initiatives, such as the Jackman Humanities Institute Working Groups, with the wider scholarly community.

Suzanne Akbari, FAS English and Director, Centre for Medieval Studies
Kari North, Ph.D. candidate, History   
Lane Springer, Ph.D. candidate, Medieval Studies

Faculty, University of Toronto
Alexander Andrée, FAS Medieval Studies and St. Michael’s College
Alexandra Bolintineanu, FAS Medieval Studies and Woodsworth College
Adam Cohen, FAS Art
Mairi Cowan, UTM Historical Studies
Alexandra Gillespie, UTM English & Drama
Shami Ghosh, FAS History and Medieval Studies
Mark Meyerson, FAS History and Medieval Studies
Michèle Mulchahey, FAS L.E. Boyle Chair in Manuscript Studies at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Jeannie Miller, FAS Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Linda Northrup, FAS Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Cillian O’Hogan, FAS Medieval Studies
Enrico Raffaelli, FAS Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Natalie Rothman, UTSC Historical & Cultural Studies
Maria E. Subtelny, FAS Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Jarrett Welsh, FAS Classics

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Andrew Dunning, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the University of Cambridge Faculty of History

Staff, University of Toronto
P.J. (Pearce) Carefoote, Librarian, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Librarian, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (PIMS)
Natalie Oeltjen, Assistant to the Director, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
Heather Pigat, Collections Manager, University of Toronto Art Museum   

Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Justin Arnwine, Medieval Studies
Oana Baboi, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
Alessia Berardi, Medieval Studies
Gregory Fewster, Study of Religion
Cai Henderson, Medieval Studies
Jessica Henderson, Medieval Studies
Lara Howerton, Medieval Studies
Lale Javanshir, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Jared Johnson, Medieval Studies
Julia Mattison, English
Kari North, History
Matthew Orsag, Medieval Studies
Lane Springer, Medieval Studies
Patrick Strange, Study of Religion
Steven Teasdale, History
Nora Thorburn, Medieval Studies