Building Environmental Humanities at the University of Toronto

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Building Environmental Humanities at the University of Toronto

This goal of this working group is bring together researchers from across the disciplines at the University of Toronto who share interests in the environmental humanities.
    As we move into our second year of activity, this working group will concentrate on sharing affiliates’ research within the group, widening our membership, and spreading the word - encouraging scholars to participate in an energetic emerging community supported by the JHI and growing at U of T. 
    Group members have already suggested several key themes for next year’s meetings, such as innovative pedagogy -- techniques which expand teaching beyond the traditional classroom, a particular imperative in a field which seeks to join theory and practice.  Another session with widespread interest is environmental justice on campus – a discussion which will feature both scholars and community activists.  We’re also excited about a monthly meeting linked to the Art Gallery of Ontario’s upcoming fall exhibit Anthropocene. 
    We also plan to spread the word more widely about the lively and engaged Environmental Humanities community emerging at U of T.  To further foster this growing network, beginning this summer we’ll circulate regular email memos about relevant events on campus and in the Toronto area.  These updates will also share scholarly news in the field, and feature group members’ recent publications.  We’re starting Twitter and Facebook accounts for the group, and actively developing a social media presence. These tools will help expand the group’s membership, and allow participants who can’t make it to every meeting to stay in touch.

Caroline Holland, Ph.D. cand., FAS English
Andrea Most, FAS English
Alexandra Rahr, FAS Centre for the Study of the United States
Faculty, University of Toronto
Alan Ackerman, FAS English
Tania Aguila-Way, FAS English
Alan Bewell, FAS English
Mark Cheetham, FAS Art
Michael Eckers, UTSC Human Geography
Matt Farish, FAS Geography & Planning
Kajri Jain, UTM Visual Studies
Michelle Murphy, FAS History and Women & Gender Studies
Stanka Radovic, UTM English & Drama
Stephen Scharper, UTM Anthropology and FAS School of the Environment
Avery Slater, UTM English & Drama
Stefan Soldovieri, FAS German
Tanhum Yoreh, FAS School of the Environment
Graduate Students, University of Toronto
Judith Brunton, Study of Religion
Olivia Pellegrino, English
Michaela Rife, Art
Lana Tran, Museum Studies, Faculty of Information

Graduates Students, other universities

Colin Sutherland, Geography, York University

Undergraduate Student,  University of Toronto
Grace King, FAS Anthropology