Class Struggle Revisited: Theory, Method, Praxis

Description of activities, leadership, contact information

Description of Activity

The social relation of class struggle provides a framework for understanding and retheorizing the chaotic yet organized conditions of global accumulation, displacement, and dispossession. The capitalist social formation, with the bourgeoisie as its dominant class, is a constellation of social forces, relations, and forms of consciousness that privatize profit from socialized production. At the very same time, the bourgeoisie as a global social class is internally divided and rivalrous, embedding a chaotic competition within the capitalist drive to maximize profit. Under such conditions the majority of people generate wealth for and are subjugated by a very select minority of people.

Although class formation determines the exploitation of working people, class struggle, as a social relation, encompasses myriad processes and practices of ideological repression, which include, without being limited to, hetero-patriarchy, racialization, illegalized migration, Indigenous erasure, nationalism, and white supremacy. In essence an analysis of class struggle is about putting rigorous scholarship in service of emancipatory politics.

By revisiting the theory, method, and praxis of class struggle we will bring seminal works into conversation with emergent social struggles and analyses. The working group will meet for eight sessions and will be facilitated by authors and/or faculty members. Each meeting will include a lecture for the first half of the session, which will be recorded and made available publicly.


For inquiries, and to register to participate, please contact:



  • Wesal Abu-Qudum, Ph.D. student, OISE Leadership Adult & Higher Education
  • Shirin Haghgou, Ph.D. student, OISE Leadership Adult & Higher Education
  • Shahrzad Mojab, FAS Women & Gender Studies and OISE Leadership Higher & Adult Education
  • Genevieve Ritchie, Ph.D. candidate, OISE Adult Education & Community Development


Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Chandna Desai, New College Equity Studies program
  • Kanishka Goonewardena, FAS Geography & Planning
  • Jamie Magnusson, OISE Leadership Higher &Adult Education
  • Jesook Song, FAS Anthropology

Faculty outside University of Toronto

  • Sarah Carpenter, Education, University of Alberta

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Nicholas Abrams, Anthropology
  • Terran Giacomini, OISE Adult Education & Community Development
  • Tara Silver, OISE Adult Education & Community Development
  • Ian Liujia Tian, Women & Gender Studies