Jesuit History Research Group

Description of activities, leadership, contact information

Description of Activity

The Jesuit History Research Group (JHRG) endeavours to establish the University of Toronto as a local interdisciplinary hub for the thriving field of Jesuit studies. With over 30 members drawn from three campuses, we comprise faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates from 13 units.

We wish to make the JHRG a lasting contribution to the University of Toronto ecosystem. We aim to reach out regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our goals are:

  1. To bolster our visibility on campus, to grow membership and audience (in particular graduate students)
  2. To further develop our outreach. To this purpose we plan to collaborate with established local scholarly communities, and we will also take advantage of online platforms to strengthen dialogue with partners outside the University of Toronto, such as the Jesuit archives in Montreal, Paris, and St. Louis; Jesuit Studies Café, Boston College; Centre Sèvres, Paris.


  • Andreas Motsch, FAS French
  • Jean-Olivier Richard, SMC Christianity & Culture
  • Fr. Thomas Worcester, S.J., Regis College


Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Michael C.F. Bazzocchi, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • Paul Cohen, FAS History
  • Mairi Cowan, UTM Historical Studies
  • Sébastien Drouin, UTSC French & Linguistics
  • Sr. Gill Goulding CJ, Regis College
  • Francesco Guardiani, FAS Italian Studies
  • Grégoire Holtz, FAS French
  • Reid Locklin, SMC Christianity & Culture/FAS Study of Religion
  • Valentina Napolitano, FAS Anthropology
  • Stephen Tardif, SMC Christianity & Culture

Faculty Members outside University of Toronto

  • Carlota McAllister, Anthropology, York University
  • Fr. John Meehan SJ, History, Sudbury University
  • Marie-Christine Pioffet, French, York University

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Oana Baboi, History & Philosophy of Science & Technology
  • Petre Ene, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Adam Lalonde SJ, Regis College
  • Adam Richter, History & Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Nadia Takhtaganova, Linguistics

Graduate Students outside University of Toronto

  • Fannie Dionne, History, McGill University
  • Sandra-Lynn Leclaire, History McGill University

Undergraduate Students at University of Toronto

  • Isadora Ateljevic
  • Miaochun Chen
  • Marco Istasy
  • Arjun Thapar
  • Isaure Vorstman

Community Professionals

  • Bill Byrd, Rainbow Faith & Freedom Charity
  • Fr. Michael Knox SJ, Martyrs’ Shrine, Midland
  • Fr. Sylvester Tan SJ, Jesuits Montreal