Native Performance Culture and the Rhythm of (Re)-Conciliation: Re-Membering Ourselves in Deep Time

Description of activities, leadership, contact information

Description of Activity

The Deep Time working group is committed to moving slowly and carefully through the processes of building relationships -- with each other, with the work that we are doing, with the communities with and for whom we do our work, with the Indigenous stewards (our treaty partners) in these territories, and with the land itself.

We have come to understand that it is only through painstaking engagement with the tangled history of settlement that future conciliation might be operationalized; hence, to facilitate such conciliation in our own work, we have plunged into a series of workshops, peripatetic teachings, and artistic encounters to establish methodologies through which to devise works that will
build a legacy of honest encounter and ethical, sustainable research partnerships upon which future generations might build. We continue to seek opportunities to meaningfully offer our skills, time and physical labor to support Indigenous community projects that work to strengthen Indigenous individuals.

In the coming year, the group has committed itself to three projects:

  1. Co-publishing on dramaturgical creation emerging from irreconcilable spaces
  2. Staging (live or via podcast) a performative intervention titled Story-ing the 94
  3. Continuing our Marker-Tree Mapping Project to include mapping the trees, physical navigation of the paths set by the marker trees, and peripatetic teachings by community members.



Faculty, University of Toronto

  • Paul Babiak, Instructor, Transitional Year program
  • Heidi Bohaker, FAS History
  • Seika Boye, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Antje Budde, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Nancy Copeland, UTM English & Drama
  • Susan Hill, FAS Indigenous Studies
  • Jon Johnson, Woodsworth College
  • Stephen Johnson, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Pamela Klassen, FAS Study of Religion
  • VK Preston, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Karyn Recollet, FASWomen & Gender Studies
  • Tamara Trojanowska, FAS Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies

Faculty, Outside University of Toronto

  • Dolleen Manning, Indigenous Education & Pedagogy, York University

University of Toronto staff

  • Gabriele Simmons, Centre for Community Partnerships
  • Desmond Wong, University of Toronto Libraries

Graduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Sherry Bie, OISE Curriculum Teaching & Learning
  • James Bird, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
  • Paula Danckert, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Myrto Koumarianis, Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
  • Sara McDowell, Faculty of Education
  • Audrey Rochette, Study of Religion
  • Gabrielle Simmons, OISE Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

 Graduate Students outside University of Toronto

  • Aisha Cader, Queen’s University
  • Morgan Johnson, Environmental Studies, York University

Undergraduate Students, University of Toronto

  • Isabelle Klassen-Marshall
  • Sheila Salvador, FAS Indigenous Studies
  • Tushita Sen,
  • Shirka Urechko, FAS Indigenous Studies

Community Professionals

  • Cayla Clarkson
  • Katia Café-Febrissy
  • Megan Davies
  • Shishigo Giigig
  • Evadne Kelly, Re-Vision Centre for Art & Social Justice
  • Muriel Lopez
  • Sarah McDowell
  • Trina Moyan
  • Natasha Naveau, videographer
  • Vivian Recollet
  • Natasha Rojas Cisneros
  • Hallie Wells, Independent Scholar