The Politics of Labour

Working Group, 2021-2022

Description of Activities

Labour issues have risen to the forefront of both academic and popular discourse. Ongoing workers’ strikes among meat-plant workers, Amazon employees, graduate students, and teachers, alongside the often immensely anti-union efforts on the part of universities and corporations, have demonstrated a revived interest in labour issues and their radical suppression and denial. Essentially interdisciplinary, concerns with labour coalesce issues of political science and political economy, literature, technology, history, environment, and philosophy, to name a few. Addressing these issues demands that scholars think collaboratively through critical discourse on labour both within its historic and present contexts. This group will provide a forum in which to do so.


  • Emily Halliwell-Macdonald, Ph.D. candidate, English
  • Emily Nacol, UTM Political Science

Faculty Members at the University of Toronto

  • Nicole Cohen, Faculty of Information
  • Daniel Guadagnolo, UTM Communication, Culture, Information & Technology
  • Thomas A. Laughlin, lecturer, UTM English & Drama
  • Christopher Petrakos, UTM Historical Studies

Faculty Member outside University of Toronto

  • Igor Shoikhedbrod, Political Science and Lawy, Justice & Society, Dalhousie University

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto

  • Jasmine Chorley-Foster, Political Science
  • Rosalind Cooper, Study of Religion
  • Alexandra Martin, Political Science

Graduate Students outside University of Toronto

  • Phil Henderson, Political Science, University of Victoria

Undergraduate Students at the University of Toronto

  • Alexander Lynch