Public Writing in the Humanities

Working Group, 2021-2022

Description of Activities

This working group builds on the JHI-funded “The Toronto Humanities at Large Writing Workshop,” which took place in March 2021. Since then, ongoing conversations among workshop participants have focused on the need for building a supportive and critical interdisciplinary space for humanities scholars at various stages of their careers to write, read, and learn together about public writing. The COVID-19 pandemic has also added a sense of urgency for the creation of such a group as it has highlighted the ongoing need for supportive writing communities, the alienation inherent in the precarity of academic work, and the importance of clear and efficient communication with the public from experts in a variety of fields. Bringing together an interdisciplinary group of academics with a shared interest in experimenting with different modes of writing, this working group will offer a unique opportunity for scholars to focus on communicating with a variety of audiences. The group will focus on the craft and processes of public writing, from pitching to working with non-academic editors to editing advanced pieces. In order to support members in building their public writing practice, this working group will host regular writing sessions, focussed skills-based workshops, reading groups, and opportunities to workshop public writing at regular intervals.


Faculty Members at the University of Toronto

  • Jason Nguyen, John M. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
  • Dragana Obradovic, FAS Slavic Languages & Literatures
  • Yulia Ryzhik, UTSC English

Postdoctoral Researchers outside the University of Toronto

  • Emily Doucet, Art History and Communications, McGill University
  • Jessica Mace, Canada Construction Project (LEAF)
  • Danielle Taschereau-Mamers, English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University

Graduate Students at the University of Toronto

  • Brigidda Bell, FAS Study of Religion
  • Deanna del Vecchio, OISE Social Justice Education

Community Professional

  • Camille Bégin, Public Historian, Heritage Toronto