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JHI Fellowship and Call for Funding

JHI Fellowships & Calls   for   Funding

The Jackman Humanities Institute offers several funding programs each year. Through the website, you can find out about these programs and apply online.

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JHI Research Communities

JHI Research Communities

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Aesthetic Education: South-North Encounters

Digital Humanities Network


JIH Announcements


JHI New Media & Humanities Journalism Fellowship

Call for applications, JHI-Mellon Early Career Faculty Fellows, 18-19

Call for applications, JHI-Mellon Graduate Fellowships, 18-19

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JHI Events

JHI Events

Morning Star Featured Event 2017-09-13 to 2018-06-29

State Violence and Indigenous Resistance Film Screening Series - "Just Dandy" & "Misadventures of Pussy Boy" Featured Event 2018-03-19 to 2018-03-19

Mapping Jihad-ly: Jurisdictional Encounters in Medieval Islamic Law 2018-03-19 to 2018-03-19

Temporalities of Israel/Palestine: History, Culture, and the Politics of Time 2018-03-19 to 2018-03-19

?elexee Eghalets'eda (Learning Together): Advancing Sustainable Conservation Strategies Through Cross-Cultural Collaboration 2018-03-20 to 2018-03-20

JHI Working Groups

JHI Working Groups

Current Year Working Groups — contacts and descriptions

Previous Working Groups Information

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