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The Jackman Humanities Institute will be closed to the public, and staff will be telecommuting for at least the period 16 March through 24 May 2020. All events, working groups, and fellowship activities have been cancelled, postponed or moved online.

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2021-2022 Faculty Research Fellowships

Deadline 16 September 2020

2021-2022 Artist-in-Residence

Invitation to units at UTM, deadline 16 September 2020

2020 JHI High School Humanities Summer Institute

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Announcement of 2020-2021 awards

Amilcare Iannucci Graduate Fellowship cancelled

JHI Blog: Humanities at Large

Submitted by Sonja Johnston on June 12 2020.
By Elle Flanders, Public Studio | JHI Artists in Residence 2019-20 At the end of our fellowship with the Jackman Humanities Institute we were asked a series of questions reflecting on our time here. Like most artists, we will begin at the end and…
Submitted by Sonja Johnston on June 05 2020.
By Dr. Ira Wells, Program Manager for Scholars-in-Residence Each May, when most campus-based UofT undergraduates are packing to leave their residence rooms behind for the summer, a growing cohort of undergraduate researchers has been moving into…
Submitted by Sonja Johnston on June 03 2020.
By Kim Yates, Associate Director The JHI is a part of a worldwide network of humanities centres and institutes that come in many forms, and that do many kinds of work for many very different kinds of communities. In the past couple of months, we…
Lisa Hirmer, Watching, Dull Edges. 2017. Photograph, 24x16 inches, one of a series of six. Courtesy of the artist.

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Weather Amnesia

18 Sep 2019 to 30 Jun 2020
Curated by Yuluo Wei
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