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JHI advances scholarship in the Humanities at the University of Toronto by offering a variety of ways for students, faculty and visiting scholars to network, learn from each other and to develop new interdisciplinary modes of understanding of the human experience. More

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Marquee event: JHI and the Faculty of Information featuring Lucy Suchman

Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Avenue Toronto, ON M5S 1J5
Hosted by the JHI and Faculty of Information, in the annual theme of Reading Faces, Reading Minds, and will include a keynote lecture by Prof. Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University) and an exhibition.

The University and the Challenge of Indigenous Stories

75 Queens Park Crescent, Emmanuel College Room 108

Circle of Steel: screening and discussion with director Gillian McKercher

4 Devonshire Place, Massey College, Upper Library
Film Screening

Calls for Funding

JHI Undergraduate Fellows 19-20

Deadline 26 April 2019
Application deadline: Friday 3rd, May 12:59

JHI DH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline 15 April 2019
Application deadline: Monday 22nd, April 23:59

JHI CEHR Early Career Fellowship

Deadline 15 April 2019
Application deadline: Monday 22nd, April 23:59

JHI NM-PH Postdoctoral Fellow

Deadline 22 April 2019
Application deadline: Monday 29th, April 23:59

Visiting PH Faculty Fellow 19-20

Deadline 29 March 2019
Application deadline: Friday 5th, April 23:59

JHI-UTSC DH Early Career 19-20

Application deadline 5 April 2019

Program for the Arts 19-20

Support for events; deadline 29 March 2019

Graduate Fellowships, 2019-2020

Dissertation Completion Fellowship; deadline 11 March 2019
Application deadline: Monday 18th, March 23:59

Jackman Scholars-in-Residence 2019

Deadline 22 February 2019.

JHI Announcements

Deanna Del Vecchio, PhD candidate in Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), talks about her JHI Graduate Fellowship and how it’s helped her make progress on her dissertation.

Professor Paolo Granata (Book and Media Studies, St. Michael's College), on why he applied for the Jackman Humanities Institute Program of the Arts and how it transformed his collaboration network.

Three new themes set the JHI's future course

JHI receives major funding for public humanities initiative

JHI Blog: Humanities at Large

Submitted by Maria Subtelny on March 22 2019.
Maria Subtelny, JHI Faculty Research Fellow in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations The Persian tradition of advice literature dates back to pre-Islamic times and the Middle Persian, or Pahlavi, works of the Sasanian period. It was one of the…
Submitted by Michela Ippolito on March 20 2019.
Michela Ippolito JHI Faculty Research Fellow in Linguistics As Kendon (2004) says “gestures are an integral part of the act of producing an utterance”. In Kendon’s work, a gesture is a visible action that is used as part of an utterance, and an…
Submitted by Rebecca Kingston on March 20 2019.
Rebecca Kingston JHI Faculty Research Fellow in Political Science   Plutarch (46-120 CE), author of both the Parallel Lives and Moralia, had a tremendous impact on the development of European intellectual life throughout the early-modern period…
Nadia Belerique, I hate you don't leave me, 2015. Inkjet photograph, 42 x 30 cm. Courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery

Our current exhibition

Reading, Again

12 Sep 2018 to 30 Jun 2019
Curated by Lillian O’Brien Davis
Reading, Again exhibition website at the Art Museum

Presented in conjunction with the Jackman Humanities Institute’s 2018–19 research theme Reading Faces, Reading Minds, this exhibition seeks to complicate how we think about perception. Works in a diversity of media confront the viewer with perceptual and conceptual disorientation