Buddhas, Emperors, and Worldly Saviors: Political Legitimation in Medieval China

170 St. George Street, Room 317
Talk by April Hughes

Ottomans, Bosnians, and Noblemen: Elite Identity in an Early Modern Ottoman Province

100 St. George Street, Sidney Smith, Room 2098
Talk by Ayelet Zoran-Rosen

CANCELLED -- The Street in (Mamluk) Cairo

15 Devonshire Place, George Ignatieff Theatre
Lecture by Nasser Rabbat

CANCELLED - Digesting the Anthropocene: The Gut as a Threatened Landscape

Lecture by Nitin Ahuja

POSTPONED -- Heeding The Messenger: Songbirds and the Scale of Climate Change

Morning: 100 St. George Street, SS2098 / Afternoon: 2 Sussex Avenue ITH

What We Learn From the Mistakes of Early Printed Books

789 Yong Street, Beeton Hall, Toronto Reference Library
Lecture by Sarah Werner

CANCELLED -- Land of the Fee: Hidden Costs and the Rise of Racial Inequality

170 St. George Street, 1st floor, Room 100
Lecture by Devin Fergus

CANCELLED -- 'Profit from Storms': Credit, Climate, and Calamity in the Bay of Bengal

170 St. George Street JHB room 1040
talk by Debjany Bhattacharyya

CANCELLED - Canada Milton Seminar XV


Memory and Imagination in Italian Fiction and Non-Fiction

100 St. Joseph Street, Fr Madden Hall, St. Michael's College