Constellations Summer Camp

Opportunities abroad

Call for papers: Relocations symposium

7 Hart House Cirecl, East Common Room, Hart House

Ut pictura musica: Painting as Sounding Poetry

100 St. George St, Sidney Smith Hall, SS6029
PhD Colloquium - Samantha Chang

Beyond borders: unification and division in language and literature

91 Charles Street, 2nd Floor, Victoria College Chapel

The Diversity of Service in Pre-Modern Europe

125 Queen's Park, 3rd floor

MACS Lecture: Dr. Ian Hodder

125 Queen's Park, LI205, Dept of Classics
Lecture by Ian Hodder

MixtuRe: Digital Art and Compositional Realities

UofT Mississauga, Deerfield Hall 2060

R.K. Teetzel Lecture in Architecture: Alice T. Friedman

Lecture by Alice Friedman

Guest Lecture: Molly Brunson

Lecture by Molly Brunson

Writing Elizabeth Bishop: A Biographer’s Journey

93 Charles Street West, 3rd Floor, Lecture Room
Lecture by Thomas Travisano

The Modern Myth of Medieval Chivalry

59 Queen's Park Crescent East, Seminar Room A
Lecture by Jonathan Boulton

The End of Area: Biopolitics, Geopolitics and History

130 St. George Street, East Asian Studies dept
Talk by Sakai & Walker

Society for the Metaphysics of Science (SMS) Annual Conference


Peter H. Brieger Memorial Lecture Series: Paul Vandenbroeck, KU Leuven

Lecture by Paul Vandenbroeck

Re:Locations - Navigating Visions of the Asia-Pacific

7 Hart House Circle, East Common Room

SSHRC Insight Development Grant Writing Workshop

170 St. George Street, JHB room 100
Grant writing workshop