CANCELLED - 2020 Institute for Dance Studies Keynote Workshop: State of Flux

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You're invited to the 2020 Institute for Dance Studies Keynote Lecture and Workshop with Lara Kramer

 ***Please note the workshop will take place one week after the lecture.***

Keynote Workshop: State of Flux

When: Saturday, February 1, 2020, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Leonard Common Room (LCR)
 Morrison Hall, basement
 75 St. George Street

The workshop State of Flux centres each participant’s relationship to themselves; what their body naturally carries and expresses. Going head on into the intuitive listening of one’s self, we will be working with memory and sensation as guiding tools. Participants will be asked to work solo with body, object(s), still and moving images, and sound to begin to develop a personal working environment that will support the experience of state of flux.

Guided exercises will offer support for instinctual listening to the body and the body’s relation to space + environment. These exercises are led by Lara to help participants explore their impulses and zero in on their relationship to the environment they are creating and exploring. Working with our bodies, muscle memory and instinctual choices, we will digest the connection to our experiences with objects, textures and materials and begin to make choices of what remains; what is necessary to the experience. What stays with us in our private experiences and what needs to be visible or invisible. 

The work will move quickly and be immediate as participants imprint their experiences in the space, towards objects, with sound and body. We will place importance on the practice of reinventing as we revisit ideas, actions, connections to stay present with the state of flux. Time will be allotted for individuals to explore and generate ideas. We will share our discoveries through working simultaneously with our explorations and through our discussion. The workshop will be immediately followed by a catered soup lunch.

No background in performance is required.

This workshop will allow a maximum of 18 participants. Please make sure to RSVP on Eventbrite. The CDTPS community will need to enter the following promo code to register: CDTPS_IDS

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