CANCELLED - Connection to Blood Land and Experience of Performance + Creation in Flux

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You're invited to the 2020 Institute for Dance Studies Keynote Lecture and Workshop with Lara Kramer

 ***Please note the workshop will take place one week after the lecture.***


Keynote Lecture: Connection to Blood Land and Experience of Performance + Creation in Flux

When: Friday, January 24, 2020, 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Where: Robert Gill Theatre
 Koffler Student Services Centre
 214 College Street, 3rd floor

In Flux. Everything is animate. Time is not linear. Objects, sounds, textures, space, our built environment and the natural: everything has a spirit. And everything is in a constant state of change. Nothing is static or stable. The relation to time and memory is where past, present and future co-exists.

Lara Kramer has been creating performance work since 2008. She has a history of creating work that is grounded in experiential practice and field work. An important process for the artists is the reconnection to her blood land, a territory that embodies a memory and depth of knowledge. The process of experiential practice is what imprints into her works, informing the intensity, imagery, and dreaming in live performance.

Some examples of questions that will be proposed during the talk include: What is your ancestor's relation to land? How does that relation carry forward or influence you now, and impact your future? What is the intersection of indigenous, western, and other cultural values? How are they represented in the body, in relation to objects and sounds? How do we imprint ourselves through body, sound, objects, textures, materials and discussions? We will use our shared time to discuss ideas and connections, reflecting on how we make markings of our experience in performance, creation, and daily interactions.

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